14 May 2017

MORE family photos...

Wednesday was set aside to celebrate our fourth year students...We invited all our EBS families, and each student invited their families, some of whom came from so far away none of us had ever met them.
We had an informal service and times of sharing, each student sharing the highlights of their time and thanks, and all had dinner together, and it was FABulous.  Following a fantastic service Saturday, remembering what all that God has done through the Emmaus family, fourth year banquet WAS what Emmaus was all about.  Being a family.

I took family pictures for everyone to remember Emmaus just like this...right before it changes again, brothers and sisters going out, brothers and sisters coming in.

Let me introduce you...
Leme and his new wife Guessiqua...Leme is Matt's right-hand man, heads up the Reaching the Hearts of Haiti (discipleship/church planting program) graduate of 2014, and one of our dearest, most trusted friends. I'm afraid they are stuck with Matt in their family picture :) 
These guys we are NOT losing yet...Wilbens, Jean William, Eliane, Judeline, Sandra, Rujerry...all underclassmen helping serve the banquet.  
Samuel and Joane graduated this Friday, and we realized for the first time at banquet that their families are related.
Granny, holding Roudeline's little man.  Roudeline and Eliphete met at Emmaus, Eliphete graduated last year, and Roudeline this year...they lead a church together.

All of Jorgia's immediate family lives in the states, and were unable to come.  I loved meeting the women she calls family and lives with...following His call on her life to minister in Haiti.

This is like my favorite picture of the day.  Junel is Phil's right hand man, and he is all kinds of an amazing father.  Every time I see him outside of work, he's attending to these two, and every time I see him at work, he has this same smile on his face...slow to anger and abounding in joy.  And his son is a HOOT.
You already know Claudin (graduate of 2010) his wife Josie and their little miracle baby--who is ADORABLE--Christie.  Claudin is faithful and dedicated and hard-working, and Josie is pregnant once again...thank you for the many of you who ask for them and who pray for them still.

Lucner (graduate of 2007) and his wife Luna, with their fourth little one, Victorious!  Luna is a third year student, and Lucner is our academic dean, and the man behind all these big events, while he pastors the Vaudreil church...he has been BUSY.  Luna has done all her classes with babies and little ones...They are an inspiring couple, and dear friends.
I'd call Jodenel (graduate of 2014) my right hand man, but reality is, I'm his right hand man :)  Jodenel's works with me in the finance office, and has taken over all student accounts and day-to-day work in the finance office.  Our last remaining unmarried staff member, he and Esther (who is fantastic!) hope to marry when she's done with school.  
Elianie, Rose, Wilbens, Wency...I love seeing our students be each other's dear friends.
Moliere's family couldn't come, and so he invited his dearest friends to accompany him...his classmates.
We don't get to hold baby boys often...and Lucner and Luna don't get to eat without babies often!
Belony (graduate of 2009) pastors Flavil church and is our prayer coordinator.  His wife works closely with him, and their little Esdras is such a cute combo of them both.  I love seeing the friendship between our staff and their spouses!
Simeon, class of 2014, and his wife...he is our Librarian and teaches our computer classes, does all the media for chapel, and is so full of energy and creativity.
FanFan was in Matt's very first Hebrew class and graduated in 2008, and now teaches Hebrew, and all kinds of other OT classes...He and Matt are cut from the same cloth!  He assists Lucner, his sweet wife Majorie (who is also Jodenel's sister) is one of my English students, and their daughter Nathanaelle is just gorgeous, isn't she.  I loved watching all the kids together!
Wency, who graduated Friday, with his wife and son...
Aldy and Moliere (both graduated Friday) have joined me on every outreach I've been a part of the last four years...and many more I wasn't.  I love the heart these two have for service and for going the places no one else wants to go...which is exactly where they have now GONE.  
Granny (who graduated from EBS some 30 years ago) runs the kitchen, and Phida, graduate of 2016, helps Leme with Reaching the Heart of Haiti, and heads up student life for our female students.

As you pray for Emmaus, lift up these dear brothers and sisters, or even just one of them...pray for their marriages, their ministries both at Emmaus and in their churches and communities, for their children and for the many burdens they each shoulder.  Pray for our team and new graduates as we all seek to work together for His glory, along with you!

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