16 May 2017

Graduation 2017

It's hard to believe it, but our 10th graduation happened on Friday, and it. was. awesome.
Lucner, center, is the man.  On top of all the other events as of late, he pulled graduation together and it was beautiful.  Here, he is going through the order of service with our staff before hand!  I hope Lucner is napping as I write this :)
Most of life at Emmaus is overwhelmingly men, so I was really thankful for these dear friends to share the day with!  
Some of our very serious staff, beforehand.
After a dozen culturally appropriate "beautiful" death-stare shots, I begged everyone to just let me take "one picture, where you look, I don't know, HAPPY to be together and to be graduating?"
be still my heart.  Love it.  THESE are the men and women we know and love and have sent out!  Be praying for (left to right) Samuel, Guiteau, Kerline, Joane, Aldy, Telemarque, Claudin, Roudeline, Ostilien, Moliere, Jorgia, Paul and Wency!
As always, the church was empty when we began...and packed out by the end!

Elize is always the Emmaus go-to MC...
Fanfan and the opening prayer
Matt and the charge...to carry not only the Good Food that Satisfies, served to a hungry world, but also to BE clean and beautiful plates to serve it on.
Brett, the OMS Haiti director, giving a word of thanks and encouragment
Pastor Chieldric, (adjunct professor and senior pastor of a large church in town) preaching the main sermon
Beautiful worship, led by students...

Receiving diplomas

A special time of dedication and prayer...

Singing the EB hymn...
The valedictorian, Aldy, giving his speech and introducing each member of the class...

...and making everyone laugh.
Aldy, "passing the torch" to the president of the third year (now fourth year!) class, Jean William

Paul's second child was born just one week ago, and I was so thrilled that his wife and sons came!

A big reception was held afterwards at EBS
Granny and Edlin...who are SO ready for a break :)
Bobanoit, one of our adjunct professors and the pastor of Pillatre Christian Church (where the service was held) was the class paren, or godfather, and I was the class marenn.  We are all back to not smiling.  So thankful for this special group of men and women!
So here they are...the handsome new fourth year!  They all served as ushers and decorators and helpers the day of graduation, and are now preparing for their last year of training and equipping at Emmaus!  

Here's the official EBS update from the day...

Friday, we celebrated 13 special men and women as they graduated from Emmaus Biblical Seminary.

Graduation from EBS is a bit different than the norm. 

These men and women aren't now heading out into the world to find a way to make their mark. They aren't setting out to find a job or to establish a church or to join a mission field.

They are already doing it.

Over the past four years, Emmaus has been working hard, not only to equip them for potential future ministry, but to engage our students in ministry NOW.  They have been doing internships in area churches, they have been evangelizing in areas unreached, they have been forming discipleship groups in zones far and wide, planting churches in many of them.  

That means that today, these beautiful graduates already have beautiful feet...continuing to take the Good News out, continuing to proclaim peace, continuing to proclaim salvation, continuing to point Haiti to "our God reigns!" (Isaiah 52:7).  

And that's exciting.  

They have been practicing, they have been preparing, they have been doing...and now they will persevere.

Please persevere with them.  How greatly Jorgia, Paul, Claudin, Wency, Kerline, Ostilien, Roudeline, Telemarque, Aldy, Joane, Guiteau, Moliere and Samuel need and value your prayers.  Pray for their families, their churches, their communities and their great courage as they continue.

If you have supported one of these graduates, THANK YOU!  We are so grateful for your valuable investment in their lives and continuing ministries.  

We have a slew of first and second year students who are in great need of scholarships...Please consider supporting a new student at Emmaus today! Give online for badly needed general student scholarships, or email us for a specific student you can be praying for and be in touch with!

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