24 September 2017


I finally finished Psalms and Proverbs and am now in Mark, and I love reading about the life and work of Jesus in so many different ways and perspectives throughout the New Testament.  This time, reading in chapter 6, I was touched by the insight Mark gives abruptly following Jesus walking on the water.  

He had JUST fed the 5000...a miracle that never seemed as miraculous to me in America as it has since moving to Haiti.
No-one in America had ever asked me for food.  And while I know there are people in great need in EVERY country, I never had a friend or family member growing up who wasn't sure what they were going to eat tomorrow.  

But here, we are asked almost every day for food.  It's as common to see someone grip their stomach and hold out their hand as it is to see someone wave.  There have been a million times over 10 years that I have wished very much I could instantly feed someone...feed MANY someones...feed EVERYONE.  And to have something left over?  Unimaginable.

And here Jesus had just done it, totally unexpectedly and completely...not only 5000 people, but 5000 MEN, who we know would have come with a good many wives and children, who also ate and were satisfied.  

Immediately, Mark says, Jesus made his friends get in the boat and head out, while he headed up the mountain to pray.  Come evening, they were fighting the wind, and He walked out on the sea and spoke to them when they feared: "take courage; it's me, don't be afraid."

He got in with them, the wind died immediately, and they were utterly astonished, Mark says.  

"They were utterly astonished, for they had not gained any insight from the incident of the loaves, but their hearts instead were hard."

How sad I felt, reading that as if for the first time yesterday.  They were witnesses to such a great miracle, one I can so vividly imagine out on the hills by our rice patties, thousands gathered to hear as only places like Haiti gather...anxious to hear, anxious to see, anxious to experience, not too busy, ever.  And they saw him after three hungry days far from town feed and feed and feed and feed hungry people.  I wonder if anyone got anxious, as happens here, that perhaps there wouldn't be enough for them.  I wonder what it was like to sit with miracle bread in your lap, bread you KNOW was a miracle.  I wonder what it would have been like to be his friends, having the gift of doing the feeding, passing it around and around and around and seeing the basket never empty.

And yet they were astonished, not because it was astonishing to see Jesus walk on water, but also because they hadn't gained ANY insight from the loaves.

I just WORRY about the times I'm this kind of person.  Hard. Hearted.

Man alive, we move on quick.  We pray and pray for something, we ask and ask and beg and worry, and then we see God work, we shout our hallelujah, and a moment later, we have moved on, forgetting, worrying again, because we have hard hearts, because we've experienced the loaves, but haven't gained any insight from them.

It all has to change us, friends.  We have to be changing, daily, as He is at work, daily.  We have to stop and gain insight, as humble and hungry children, anxious to learn and grow...not simply anxious to see more miracles.  

He is always at work, family.  Maybe you feel like you haven't seen that in a while, and I have been there, too.  

So let's look back at the places we have yet to gain insight while we wait to see Him again walking on the water, expectant so that when we do, we won't be astonished.  We'll be praising the Lord with the confidence we always had that He's at work, He's been at work.

We cannot be hard-hearted, unable to learn anything.  We must be living with expecting hearts that He is who He says He is and that He. Is. At. Work.

Do not give up on your people, my people.  

It's not about them being able to change.  It's not about them coming around.  It's not about what they deserve, or our ability to even IMAGINE them changing.

 It's about our faithfulness in prayer and testimony in their lives, and God's ability TO pour out His grace and transform their hearts.  He isn't finished with them.  He's feeding 5000, he's walking on water, and He is NOT finished with ANYONE walking around today.  There is hope for them, and not because of them.  And our God will never give up seeking them, so let us seek them too with Hope.

Do not give up on yourself.

He's not finished with us yet, and His plans always are for our good and His glory.  He didn't give up on the disciples, not ever, when they didn't learn, and He's not giving up on us...so let us learn with His help.

With expectant hearts.

Most Sundays we are encouraged to worship with our brothers and sisters, but this morning's sermon was SO horrifically unbiblical, so incredibly ungodly...it was all we could do not to walk out of there deeply discouraged.

Take courage, He tells me.  It's me.

It's why we're here, and we will persevere.  We will persevere not because we are perseverant, not because we are particularly stubborn or courageous.  We will persevere because though we couldn't see it this morning, He is at work.  And I've seen Him do more than I could ever imagine, both in the precious pages before me and in my life and yours, and so I will trust now with an expectant heart that He's on the way, that He's already here, that He's at work.

He's at work.  Let us trust Him, and let us be soft-hearted, that He might also be at work in US.

22 September 2017


THANK you for all your beautiful prayers for our friend Nikki.  I was on my knees at 2 am Thursday morning when Nick called and while Matt drove out to get the kids, and despite horrific weather and roads, they got to us safely, and she got to her midwife and had a beautiful, perfect healthy baby boy before 6 am!
That also means we're all living up having some brothers and another sister for a few days...lots of rainy play, slime, books, Veggie Tales and talking about baby!  We tried for over an hour in pouring rains to get to Nick and Nikki and baby Kendrix yesterday afternoon, but they are WAY far out, and every single muddy path we took through the sugar cane fields ended in what's now become rushing RIVERS of muddy water and garbage.  We finally had to turn back with a very disappointed truck of 6 kids because it got too dangerous.
It is amazing what a day or two of heavy rains can do in Haiti, especially when our "roads" are mostly mud to start with.  Thankful for the millionth time for a truck that safely got us through many rivers, and safely got us home by His grace.
Today, after a night of winds but no rain, we will try again, because these guys are anxious to meet their new brother!  
It's also given me a great chance to let some things go and to enjoy all six kiddos.  I can't remember the last day I didn't have work or teaching or homeschool or church...it's been good to sit with the kiddos and enjoy them and get to know them better.  Today, all their schools were cancelled due to so many teachers and students being unable to get to school (or unable to even leave their communities) so I'm at work while Matt's taking his turn letting some things go and enjoy the kids!

So thankful for the great love our Father has for us each, and for the way we understand and experience that so practically and powerfully through our love for the children in our lives!
Nora is totally NOT sleeping here...she's just trying to be just like baby Avalyn!
...found this batch on my phone last night :)

THANK you for praying for Nikki, and please continue to be praying for Josie as we wait to meet their son any day now, Lord willing, for our friend Amy waiting for her baby girl any day, and it's always got me praying for my sister, delivering in November!

update...got everybody home and finally got to meet their new baby brother, Kendrix!

This is how we found Avalyn sleeping in her pack-n-play this afternoon, and we all relate :)  Thankful for a weekend!

19 September 2017

lots of learning

I guess you don't arrive until you ARRIVE, and so it should be expected that we'd always be learning.

I'm learning so much every day, it's no wonder I'm always finding gray hair and why we're all so tired by 8 pm!

But the main stuff I'm always learning over and over again?  That we are of great value to Him, and that He is to be trusted.  

In the small stuff, in the big stuff, in the stuff that feels like it matters so much, in the stuff that may not really matter much at all, in the stuff that we can control and in the way more stuff that we can't.

Try as I might, my years of mid-afternoon devotional times have finally fallen apart.  There are no more after-lunch naps, and it was getting lost in the crazy.  And I already told you about too-tired evenings.

So I had to face the facts, and I wasn't frankly sure He could be trusted.  Before everyone else wakes up was the only chance.  Unfortunately, before everyone else wakes up happens to be my VERY. FAVORITE. TIME to be asleep.  But I found Him asking me if I trusted Him with it...with my mornings, with my fatigue, with my time.

And so I took a baby step of faith, gave up my morning workouts, set my alarm for a horrific hour, and suddenly it seems strange that I WOULDN'T start my day like that, that I wouldn't see the sun rise with Him, that I wouldn't be starting my day in the Word.  It's been so good and rich, speaking with Him, reading His word, studying His heart...and I am no more tired than I ever was, and while I may be a bit more squiggy until I find a way to get working out back in...I'm closer to Him.  He was to be trusted.

Yesterday Nora and I had a big scare, which included me sitting RIGHT there, reading to Lily, and not noticing Nora unsteadily go 12 feet up the tree house ladder (with a concrete pad at it's bottom)...because I moved the chair blocking the babies from the ladder so I could SIT on it.  YES, that happened.  The students all silently stopped playing soccer and quietly one came to me, not wanting to scare her with a loud noise and cause her to fall.  It was all I could do not to panic as I walked slowly across the yard and up the ladder. As I got back out of bed last night, still feeling horrified over my stupidity and all the what-ifs...I was so thankful that these are HIS girls that He's got in His hands...which can be TRUSTED.
(the girls playing "Oregon Trail" in the yard today)

This has been a big week for riots in Haiti (transportation issues, new budgeting laws in the government, I'm sure other things, too) and of course every potentially devastating sweep of could-be hurricane in the vicinity is on everyone's radar.  But I am solidly confident that He is to be trusted, and I've seen too many miracles in the past days and every day to think that maybe this hurricane, maybe this riot, maybe this unsteady day or crashing wave is any different.  He is to be trusted. It's important that it looks like we DO.

I have far too many beautiful students this semester, bringing the classroom some 10-15 degrees hotter than the hallway, but He knows why they're here and what He's doing with them and is to be trusted.  He values them greatly and has His plans, and we will make room, find a way.

We are continuing to wait for lots of new babies with some precious mamas...He reminds me He is to be trusted.

The thing that threatened me most today was a negative report from Phida.  With residential classes finally underway, students are settling back into regular after-class evangelism and discipleship efforts.  As she's been leading teams throughout village after village, she found a particularly hard-hearted, "tet-DI" little community not too far from here.  We've been there before and always been turned away.  She began introducing herself and talking to people about her desire to tell them about the Father, and they quickly cut her off.

"Who sent you?" they asked warily.  Well, I've come to tell you about Jesus.  I work at Emmaus Biblical Seminary, and...

"You can go," she was quickly told.  "Until the Seminary does something for us, we're not interested in hearing what you have to say.  EBS has never done anything for us."

She tried again, but was pushed out, and headed to another community not a few minutes away where 8 people have come to follow Jesus the last four weeks.

As she was sharing this with me, it threatened to undo me.

Fears threaten to charge in: are we not doing enough?  What more should we be doing?  I'm failing miserably...I should be doing more, more until EVERY person is satisfied.   Frustrations threaten, too: Is it ever gonna be enough? What more could we possibly do? How many times have we taken the Gospel to these areas, only to be told that that's not what they really want? My defenses come in: What about 10 full time jobs in the community and community outreach and help in all the area churches and door to door evangelism and discipleship and bringing clinics to these villages and everyone charging phones at the guard shack and purchasing everything the seminary uses from these villages?

ME comes in.  And Me feels hurt and insufficient and frustrated and not enough.

But after I stewed on ME a little while (which has NEVER helped any of us out, people) I found Him asking me the same thing.  Do I trust Him?  Trust Him with that village?  Trust Him to show us and send us and equip us and focus us right where we need to be?  Trust Him with what we can do, and what we can't? Trust Him to be our enough? Trust Him with those who want Him...and those who don't?

I do.  I do.

So I'm learning.  Still, more.  Learning to get up too early, learning to leave the chair where it IS, learning to keep my eyes on Him when walking on water, learning to give Him the rough and the beautiful, learning to trample me and turn to Him.  Learning that we are of great value to Him, and therefore He can be trusted.

What have you been learning these days?

17 September 2017

a little breathe

Sunday afternoon, sitting outside in some finally-cool-ish breezes, and thanking the Lord for the fresh wind this weekend has been!  It's been a big last few weeks, with this past one particularly a struggle, and tomorrow starts a big ole' new season.

After continued delays and cancellations in flights, we finally got everyone rerouted with a different airline through Port-au-Prince, around some major riots, and out and home.  And if all the visitors are gone, then that means Monday our team here on the ground takes over teaching classes...Lucner and Guenson, Bill, Elizay, Matt, Leme, and a long list of adjuncts and I start tomorrow.

While Matt's been so torn over his inability to be where he'd planned to be these past few days, lots of people have pitched in and covered services in Jersey and I know the Lord has been there and more than sufficient.  So thankful.  Meanwhile, Matt's been plenty busy here...I'm not really sure what we were going to do without him this 10 days!  I'm also thankful for all the ways God's been more than sufficient HERE, using friends and prayer warriors to encourage and wisdom us, one sweet friend even BRINGING us homemade DINNER one night.  So thankful.
Church this morning at Granny's was lovely. We all love spending time with Gran, and while we love and are so thankful for our visitors..it is a beautiful thing to be able to go to church and to catch up with our relationships there without worrying about translating, and come home and not worry about feeding everyone lunch. It also meant we could stop and see Woudislande and Miloura on our way home!  Despite Micheline still being in the Dominican, they are both doing so well...I couldn't even believe how well.
Look at her?  Doesn't she look GOOD?  What a gift.

"You know you're a miracle, sitting here, don't you?" I asked Woudislande, and she grinned, finally feeling good enough again to realize it.  It was the best visit I've ever had with Woudislande...very thankful, and for sweet little Miloura, growing and beautiful.
Meanwhile, we're waiting for several more new babies these days with hope and lots of prayer!

Please be praying for us this week as we get back into the classroom, for our greatly grown student body (I have a class of 26 tomorrow, just four shy of the ENTIRE student body the year we moved to Haiti), for the girls as they continue to adjust to a new school year, for Micheline as she continues to recover, for Nikki and Josie as they wait for delivery day, and for Matt as he continues to balance and persevere!  Pray for each of our classes kicking off tomorrow, and for our returned emphasis on the daily evangelism and discipleship program now that intensive courses are completed!

15 September 2017


A few weeks ago, the senior pastor of the church where we were worshipping introduced Matt like this: "I teach a course every year at Emmaus Biblical Seminary, and the spirit there is unlike anywhere else I go. I don't quite know how to describe it, but I do know that when I am there, you're never quite sure who, exactly, is in charge, because everyone seems to just be working together in humility. You would never guess that Pastor Matt is the President."
We all joked afterwards that we weren't so sure if it was Matt's humility, or the fact that Matt is a HUGE goof-ball, that made it hard to know who was the adult in charge.
I hadn't thought of it again until we were taking our evening family walk the other day, and I came around the bend to see Matt and Edlin standing like this. Edlin is a good friend who has faithfully been making juice and carrying heavy loads for the kitchen at Emmaus for some 20 years now. "Thank you for always being so patient with me," I overheard Edlin say to Matt as I snapped the picture, bringing me to tears.
You wouldn't know who was in charge, I hope, because God is. You wouldn't know who's the boss because we're all serving. You can't quite put your finger on it, because it's not of flesh and blood. We want be so invisible, we pray it everyday. What a call we all have to be invisible in our corners of His world, that He might be known and seen, so clear.
I'm forever thankful for the thousand gifts and burdens, abilities and shortcomings, experiences and brokennesses, strengths and weaknesses that make up Emmaus in Haiti, that make up God's family in the world, that He somehow chooses to USE, and for the ONE we are all so dependent on for every single speck of good and hope and glory.

13 September 2017

a morning in the life

Today the girls were happily off to school and I actually got a full 8-11:30 chapel chunk of time to prepare for my English class that starts Monday, and to peek in on the current classes and get some pictures.

This is my office mate-brother Jodenel...teaching alongside of Dr. Charles Lake Discipleship and Evangelism (who happened not to be teaching today, trying to get ready to preach in chapel!)  Jodenel has a gift, and I loved watching the clarity and passion he brought to the conversation, "What about all the reasons it's HARD to evangelize?"

Dr. Steve Tsoukalas and fourth year have been working through their Philosophy for Understanding Theology.  Dr. T taught Matt when he was a student at Asbury, and this was his first trip to Haiti!

Simeon is patiently helping our first year students get used to working with technology with Computers 101...
And Dr. Don Little, who's also here for the first time, is teaching IN French "Islam and the Christian Faith."

Our Catania guys are in this class, and several staff members have been sitting in just for the great information.
While all three visiting professors have had nightmare travel issues, it's been a real gift to have them teaching these two weeks, and to have them be a part of our lives!

We then all headed into chapel, and one of the new songs we sang clearly had a choreographed dance that I missed the training for.  I never feel like I have enough time to quit everything and go to chapel smack in the middle of the day, but I am simply ALWAYS glad I went.  It is ALWAYS good worshiping with these brothers and sisters!

I tried to dance like Rujerry, Rodolphe and Jean William in front of me...but...there's a reason why the video is in front of me and not behind me :)

it's a no go

The only thing messier than my house this morning (and Nora) is every major airline servicing Florida, Georgia, the Carolinas or the Caribbean.
Charles' flight out of Haiti was to be Sunday, and was moved to this Thursday, and has now been cancelled altogether.  Matt's flight out was to be today, and they cancelled it yesterday.  He spent well over 3 hours on Skype on hold yesterday, calling as requested to get his flight changed...and still has yet to speak to a person.  Our other visiting professors both had flights out for Friday, and were both notified this morning that their flights have been cancelled indefinitely.  Please call.  We have a friend who was to leave last week, it was cancelled, so he quickly bought a ticket out of Port-au-Prince, drove the 7 hours there, and now those flights have been cancelled, and he is stuck in Port-au-Prince until who-knows-when.

It's a hot mess.

Matt was to start preaching one revival in Jersey this Thursday evening through Sunday with Uncle Don, and the second Sunday through next Thursday with Pastor Doug...and we don't even know that he'll be able to get out before the second begins at this point.  I'm not gonna lie, there are some cute girlies doing the happy dance this morning.  But we hate him being unable to fulfill these commitments and miss these opportunities to share God's Word.  We're sorry Uncle Don!!!

Our friend set to deliver any day now was waiting patiently for her midwife to come this Friday evening...whose flight now of course has also been cancelled.

There is nobody coming, there is nobody going.

Travel note:  When traveling, always take 10 extra days of your prescription medications.  Add, "Looking everywhere for meds for visiting professors" to our adventure list this week.

So, we're just all gonna keep on teaching and preaching and cooking and hosting and eventually, everyone's gonna get where they need to be.

Meanwhile, I raise my coffee to all the people whose problem this IS, and trust the Lord for all the grace and provision for the gaps between "supposed to" and "will be."

Nora, who talks more than all the girls put together, yesterday decided everyone was going to play train.  "LILY.  Play train.  Chita LA (sit here, in Creole).  Common.  SOFIA.  Play train. You chita la.  Common.  Now.  KITTY.  Common.  Chita LA. (he's on the blue chair in the back).  NOW."

little boss lady.  just what we needed.

Lily and Sofie all smiles for day two of school, and the bye-bye committee, still in their jammies:

11 September 2017


Today was the day Haiti went back to school.  Thankfully, today was also the day that these two girlies marched happily off to school, both excited to meet their teachers and see their friends and to take on the new year...I am SO grateful.

Sofie called it the "one minute day"...said she got there, like one minute passed, and then Matt was picking her up!  THAT'S a good sign.
I told Lily that Matt would walk her in and help her find her classroom and meet her teacher, and Lily sighed and said, "Or, maybe he could just drop me off."  SO, I guess that's a good sign too.  And a bad sign that she is turning into a teenager--at 8.

As soon as Nora woke up she realized there was something big-girl going on, and quickly ran to pull on a special shirt and to get her "back-back", which she then wore all morning.  I love that sweet girl. Hard to believe that each of these girlies was so small.

Nora was disappointed she didn't get a sign.
Even though Lily asked to go again tomorrow, (another good sign) we're going to keep going to Haitian school every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and homeschooling Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday for now...
He's been incredibly faithful to help us with these sweet girlies, and I'm so thankful for the teachers and administrators and friends in their lives who help teach them SO much!  Sending them to school, each year, each day, is such a practice of trust, and He's proved over and over and over that He takes that teeny-tiny faith of ours and turns it into something beautiful.
Thank you for praying for our girls!

A few quick prayer requests...

    --Micheline is still in the DR, spent the weekend in the hospital on an iv, and had a minor surgery scheduled for today, and then "the machine did not work, so maybe tomorrow."  I have 100 questions and NO answers and communication is VERY limited.  Her daughter is doing a bit better, and baby Miloura is GOOD.  Please keep praying for Micheline, for her entire family, for all of her health issues, and for her safe return in His time!

    --Two good friends, Nikki (and Nick) and Josie (and Claudin), are due to deliver any day now.  Please be praying with us for their safe deliveries and for healthy new babies!

    --Tomorrow is predicted to start a series of riots in town due to some new and very drastic attempts at solving some of the traffic issues.  We knew manifestations would follow the new rules, and they're scheduled to start tomorrow due to schools being back in session so that the refusal of public transportation drivers to drive until things are resolved would really hurt. However, things can turn violent quickly, and so fear precedes it, so many children will not be going to school, already, and...you get the picture. Pray for some good wisdom, for selfless leadership, for peaceful processes, for safety for the many uninvolved thousands...it's complicated.

     --Lord willing, Matt leaves on the first possible flight from Haiti to Miami to Philadelphia on Wednesday, set to preach revival services at Trinity UMC in Millville, NJ Sept 14-17, and preaching revival services with our friend and co-worker (here right now and leaving right after Matt!) Charles Lake on Sept 17-10th at Sharptown UMC in Pilesgrove, NJ.  If you're near there, Matt would love to see you, and no matter where you our, we would love your extra prayers during that time, both for revival in New Jersey, and for His extra strength and grace for the girls and I here.

Thank you!

09 September 2017

Your breath

This has been an intense week, hasn't it.

I've come back to the song, "Great Are You Lord" a dozen times in my mind, a song I heard for the first time this summer at Seeds of Greatness.  While I can't find a version I like anywhere near as much as I did when their choir just radiated it, the simple chorus has been so profound this week.

It's your breath in our lungs, so we pour out our praise.  

It's truly that simple, isn't it.

Today?   It's His.

Our home, it's His.  Our children, they're His.  Our days, our time, our work, our rights.  His.

Not even the very breath in our lungs is there today by ANY effort or merit or right of our own.

It's His breath in our lungs today.

So there is no room for worry, no room for fear. No room for rights or arguments or anything else.  It's His breath...so we'll pour out our praise.

Thinking of these breaths, my comings and goings, my waking up and lying down as all HIS sure changes how we use them...and makes it a lot more natural to pour out His praise.

Haiti does that well.

We warned everyone we saw last week about the coming storm and the potential danger it carried, and I promise you that every single Haitian brother and sister we spoke to politely listened, assured us they would gather some extra water and food if they could, and then concluded with some version of this : "God's been incredibly gracious to us in the past, and we know that we will see His grace through this storm.  God knows.  So, have a good weekend!"

This kind of response frustrates the North American in us, doesn't it. "People just aren't preparing like they should," I kept hearing, wondering with Haiti what exactly more everyone was SUPPOSED to be doing.  "People aren't taking this seriously.  If they knew what was going to happen like we know, they'd be doing a lot more to get ready."

You know who people in Haiti take seriously?  He who ACTUALLY knows.  Even those who don't love Him, don't follow Him, take God seriously.  They will listen to the weather man on my phone if I would like, but they are most concerned with the Lord, and they are the FIRST to point out that God. Has. Been. Faithful. And. Will. Be.

When you canNOT evacuate...when you canNOT stock up...when you canNOT reinforce...when you canNOT run, when you canNOT fix it for yourself, you know what you do?

You live in a rich place of truly trusting the Lord.

Who are the poor, friends.  Who are the poor?

Look around.

If my life looked like many around me, if I didn't have any idea where tomorrow's food was going to come from, if I knew my stick house could stand up to NO storm, if I were still trying to figure out how in the world I was gonna get my kids in school on Monday..would I, Stacey, be quick to spread out my hands and testify "Can't you see? God's been incredibly gracious to us, so I know He'll be faithful in the future!"


Our brothers and sisters here in Haiti, it's His breath and their lungs, and so they'll pour out his praise.

And so they do.

They teach me again and again and again, for the wisdom of this world is nothing compared to Him, the fear of the Lord the beginning of true wisdom, and again they have proven it by fearing not my phone's predictions, fearing not the storms and catastrophes, fearing not the future unknowns, fearing not the much and many out of their hands, but trusting in Him to BE, as He has always been.
Today I bobbed in the mighty ocean with three blondes and sat my butt on a chair and thought about all this.  This girlie was drooling down my neck and and I was cherishing what will one day too-soon be the last time she falls asleep on mommy.  So thankful the sweet breath in her lungs is His, too...I am far too ill-equipped to be the source for these precious little girls.  
My favorite almond tree didn't fair Irma as well as the rest of us, nor did much of the beach.  Jean Bernard was just happy Cormier has survived yet another storm.  
Here are a few pix from Irma-day...

These are the manna packs we were so grateful to receive...half have gone out through staff and students, and the other half awaiting their day of great need.

In the middle of the day, Sofie led Nora down the hall, deeming her "Hurricane Baby", a job Nora was taking very seriously, too seriously to smile (though not seriously enough to wear pants.)  These days and nights of prayer for the girls are just another tropical storm in their lives, extra time for making cinnamon rolls, happy to have mom and dad home, and lots of puddles to play with the neighbors in.  

They have never caught snowflakes on their tongues or rolled in the snow, but they know rainy days.
We had two additional visitors unable to come Thursday, and one professor to have left tomorrow...  all travel is currently off, so tomorrow we are all off to church, where Matt will be preaching alongside our dear friend Rodrigue from our first graduating class.  I'm looking forward to praising the Lord together for the miracles of calm weather we've experienced these last days in Haiti, and to be praying together for the many picking up a lot of broken tonight and still more afraid for the days to come.  

Looking forward to pouring out our praise and prayers, His breath in our lungs, God with us.