15 July 2019

not help. just love.

One day, I'm going to stop being so darn opinionated and start trusting that everything given, everything taken, everything allowed, He can work through.  Therefore I can rejoice, come what may, trusting Him.

I guess I'm not there yet, because I didn't have a great attitude about today.

We go home in three days. It's been a wild six weeks. We're tired, Sofie and Lily are emotional, Nora is burning up with a fever, and Ben is a happy handful.

This morning we had church, this evening the girls are going with Grammy and Pop-Pop to a play, and this afternoon Grammy and PopPop invited a few Haitian-American friends and co-workers and their families to lunch.

I wasn't sure that was what I needed, our last three days with family, our family so tired, about to return to Haiti for 11 months, lunch at the house with complete strangers.

In fact, I may have mentioned to the Lord several times that this thoughtful arrangement of Grammy and Pop-Pop's was not what we needed.

Cause I still think I know.

I'm so thankful that sometimes He gracefully ignores my bad attitude and meets me anyway.

Not only did we meet just some of the most lovely people, not only were we humbled and encouraged by some of the most powerful testimonies and sweet spirits and genuine brothers and sisters in Christ, but as one fellow-mama was sharing her story of coming from Haiti to America--as a 12-year-old who hadn't seen her parents for 10 years, having only finished second grade, speaking not a word of English, largely having raised herself and suffering all kinds of trauma and lonliness--the Lord simply b-r-o-k-e my heart for Haiti all over again, gave me, SOMEHOW, after all these years, a renewed and fresh burden.

I don't know why, but the Lord has put a burden and a love in my heart and life for the Haitian people. It was there long ago, it's still there.  It's new there.

The transparency of the people we were with today, their stories of overcoming, of loving nonetheless, of parenting, of forgiveness, of marriage, of ministry through work and life, of finding the Lord in the middle of all of it...how blessed we all six were today.

Sunday we were American-Haitians with Haitian-Americans.

And their children didn't understand when Lily prayed in Creole. We didn't understand as they described their childhoods.  But we love Haiti.  And we love America.  And we've lived both places.  And we love the Lord, and want to see Him high and lifted up in both our countries, in each of us.

What a gift.

After a few wonderful hours together and after the last visitor left, I quickly friended one new sister on Facebook, and found this quote on her recent feed that summed it all up for me.

If someone helps you
when they're struggling, too,
that's not help.
That's Love.
As we got in the van on June 1st to head to America, Granny had waited.  She brought US breakfast, held Ben, played with Nora while we finished packing, walked us out to the van, and insisted on praying for us before we went. It was such a sacred moment as she lifted her strong, faithful voice asking the Lord to surround us and go before us and meet us and to please bring us home again.  We're in Haiti to love Granny well. But how well she loves us, too.

The reality of this life, over and over again, in any country, is that as we hold up those who are hurting, they are holding us up as well.

As we share Christ sacrificially, others are sharing Him sacrificially back.

As we help those who are struggling, often times we are struggling, too, and oftentimes, they are helping us, too. We're not doing ministry. We're doing relationship, just as we were privileged to do today around baked ziti and in the air conditioning. 

We're not getting back on that plane this week with our littles because the need in Haiti is heavy, though it is. It's not for the sake of sacrifice nor for the hope of blessing. It's not to save or to help or to transform.  

Only He can do that. 

It's just for love.

13 July 2019

Happy Birthday Benny-Boy!

What a busy few days!
We spent good time with some friends, did last minute shopping and time with Cindy's family, and flew out of Ohio first thing on Ben's birthday...so airport time included a lot of singing happy birthday :)

We started the day tired and needed lots of extra grace, but we finally got to Fort Myers around five pm and were thrilled to finally have Matt's brother, Casey, sister-in-law, niece and nephew meet Ben!
Today we spent the day getting hair cuts (Grammy is so pro!) and at Casey and Laura's house...celebrating this boy and being together.

ONE.  Walks with holding fingers or tables, but not on his own. Eats everything and has NINE teeth. man alive.  Got his first haircut, eliminating his cute little rat tail, and talks constantly but says no words :)  Loves opening and closing door and cabinets, playing trucks and cars, throwing balls, and dumping anything he can get his hands on over, and swimming!

He's a drool bird, and loves his sisters, playing guitar with Matt, any music, and being wherever everyone is, doing whatever everyone's doing.

Ben is very happy to have Nico, his only boy-kid relative!  
Ben was NOT so sure about the cake!

Tomorrow is a big day, with church in the morning, lunch for 22 with some of Keith and Barb's Haitian American friends and their kiddos, and a local play tomorrow evening...

I'm so sick of living out of suitcases I can't even tell you. But we only get each day once, and this time with family is so rare...we are enjoying each day deeply!

11 July 2019

be it

A year ago today I was HOT and HUGE and waiting in Haiti for sweet Ben to make his arrival, and when Sharon took this picture I remember feeling so RICH...to have my children around me and Dr. Jen next door and Sharon in the house and nothing but Ben to wait for.  I canNOT believe that Ben's going to be one tomorrow.  I still can't believe that the Lord wove so much grace and provision into Ben's life and entrance.
Last night our good friends drove down from their furlough in Mt. Vernon, Ohio, to join us for dinner.

When I graduated from high school, I spent the summer after my senior year in Haiti interning and living with Greg and Cathie.  So much of my love for the Haitian people and for ministry was planted by these two.  Then, when my mom passed away the end of my freshman year of college, I was struggling. Greg and Cathie reached out to me, in their busy life, and said, "Why don't you just come for a bit and work with us and be family?"

It was exactly what I needed, and I took a semester off to live and heal with them, God strengthening the roots my parents had planted and that He was planting in my heart for others, for service, for overseas ministry, for Haiti.  They loved me tough when they needed to, and well, always, and I will ALWAYS be thankful for their insight and willingness to just have me BE with them and live life alongside them as healthy, godly people when I was hurting so.

Since then they've loved Matt, loved each kiddo, still work and live in Port-au-Prince, visit us every chance they get and we visit them every chance we do...and I'm just so thankful.  What fun to catch up at dad's last night!
The Gospel isn't a thing, it's a PERSON, Matt is always saying.  Instead of talking about the Gospel or sharing the Gospel or simply studying the Gospel today, find a way to BE it, life-on-life, for someone today.  (hint: if it's not sacrificial, then it's PROBABLY not the Gospel...dive in there!)

Today is the final pack-n-weigh, weigh-n-pack day, complete with a few errands, bike rides with grandpa, collecting every last baby sock, and dinner with Cindy's parents, Grandpa and Cindy.

Pray for our children today...they are trying to keep up with all the hellos and goodbyes and packing and changing, but it's through the grace of your prayers.

09 July 2019

praying people

We stopped and spent a few hours with Grandma Gladys Sunday night, and got to my dad's around 1:30 am.  Yes, that was 9:30 pm at Cracker Barrel, and yes, Matt and I are still in our church clothes. Gladys was my grandpa's wife the last fifteen years of his life, and I'm so thankful she's in ours and that we had some time with her.
Monday morning we unpacked the car and Matt, Ben and I headed to the Social Security Administration Office for hours to get Ben a number. That was not super fun. But success!

  Today, we spent several more hours first with Ben and Sofie (insurance nightmare add 90 minutes) and then with Lily and Nora at the doctor.  It's not fun getting Ben 6 vaccinations in one sitting, or spending almost the whole day at the doctor, but at the same time I'm so THANKFUL for the opportunity.  I'm thankful for shots for the kids and good check-ups and a caring good doctor and for help and being able to get them what they need.

Then this afternoon we headed over to catch up with all these dear family friends!
We all had such a good time, but more than that, it's such a gift and privilege to have their prayers...not just when we see them, but every day.  Some of these dear ones wake up every day and read our blog and have their coffee and pray for us...every single day. 

That is NO small thing, and we will never know all the ways the Lord has worked through the faithfulness of their prayers.  They were some of my mama's very best friends and prayer warriors, too, and time with all these Millers is precious.

Tomorrow we search for school shoes (um, Payless Shoes, why did you abandon us!) and a few random back-to-Haiti things, and then tomorrow night we get rare time with Greg and Cathie, the Haiti missionary couple God put in my life just when I needed His healing, guidance, love and family so many years ago. 

Your prayers are of such great value to us (and the Lord) as we prepare our hearts and minds (and bags) to return home and start another year of life and ministry in Haiti...thank you!

07 July 2019

how I fight my battles

Well, He's done it again. Met me all the places I knew I needed met but didn't see how He would. Met me all the places I didn't know I needed met, but I sure did.

After a fabulous last day yesterday with the Bucker's, lots of packing and laundry and organizing the car, dinner with my sister and precious Mayah, and one more late night of sitting and talking with Aunt Lori and Uncle Terry, we woke up at 5:30 this morning, got everyone ready and packed in the car and headed for Seeds of Greatness.

I'm telling you, without fail the Lord always meets us there. Pastor Jerome and leading lady Lisa are such inspiring, encouraging ministry partners for us, full of the fruit of the Holy Spirit, and the church is just vibrant and flowing.  From verses in songs to prayers to even the announcement time, the Lord was calming my troubled, sad spirit, filling in the rough places with Himself.  As someone this morning said, "There might still be some things you want, but He is giving you what you need."

Even things Matt said as he preached on service just resonated my weary soul, and even when I shared a short story, the Lord was helping me see it differently than I ever have.

I felt Him filling in all the places, just what I needed.

As if that weren't enough, totally unexpectedly at the end, He also restored joy in me for the days ahead.

When Matt and I had finished sharing, Pastor Jerome prayed for us and church members surrounded us and prayed, and as he concluded the prayer, out of the blue, Jerome just started singing.

Arms outstretched, he sang over all the pray-ers, This is how I fight my battles, this is how I fight my battles.

I don't know if you've heard the song, Surrounded, by Michael W. Smith, but I first heard it this January, and in February and March when things in Haiti were particularly hard, there were days I'd put the song on repeat and find my courage in its reminder.  One day, I noticed Lily was singing along, and we talked for a bit about how when we are tempted to be anxious about everything around us, we have to remember that HE is actually what surrounds us.  Lily really struggles with anxiety, and it became our song this year.

As soon as he started singing, something within me snapped.

All these battles within me? I will fight them with worship and prayer, and we are not alone.  Isaiah 61 tells us that for the spirit of heaviness, put on the garment of praise.

It may look like I'm surrounded, but I'm surrounded by you, Pastor Jerome continued to sing out.

Unexpected tears were uncontrollably pouring down my face...I might feel like I'm surrounded by hard things, Haiti might be, too, but I'm surrounded by Him, and He is enough.

As He met me, I looked down at my children, and was surprised to see tears pouring down Lily's face at my side.  There are many things to be anxious about, dear girl, but God was reminding her, too, powerfully--and not through me--that she is surrounded by Him.

We are hemmed in, family.  He knows the hard, sad things, both here and there and in your life and mine, but it's not the hard things that surround us.  It's Him.

It's only scary and lonely when we forget that.

I'm so thankful for all His reminders, today, for the firming of truth in my heart and in my family, for the chance to share the Gospel and little pieces of our story, for His glory.

He's got it surrounded.  He's got our family and friends surrounded, He's got our countries surrounded, our children.

Praise the Lord.

05 July 2019

plow on

Most days, most days I'm full of energy and sunshine and a grateful heart.  Most days I'm rich and thankful and full and grounded.  And I will be.  But today I just woke up sad and heavy and I'm going to bed sad, too.

When He said follow me and don't look back, did the new disciples have a skip in their step? When Abram left, or Moses, or Esther or the prophets or Paul, was it hard? When He said, hands to the plow and let the dead bury the dead, did the farmer plod on with a heavy heart? When He ascended, leaving His friends and His brothers, were there tears in His eyes? 

I don't know. 
I know without a shadow of a doubt that He's asking us, now, thirteen years again still, to be His hands and feet in Haiti. I know He's asking us to be of good courage, to persevere, to come alongside, to train and equip. We know God's got us in Haiti, at Emmaus, for such a time as this.  

We have confidence in His calling and peace in His presence and we're utterly committed to being who He wants us to be where He wants us to be.  Wherever, whatever that is.  

But as our two days with Martin and Sharon quickly ended, I was so sad I couldn't sleep.  November is so far away. 

As I kissed the sweet cheeks of my nieces this evening, Evie crying out loud as we walked to the car, I'm crying, too, and a YEAR is no short season. A year from these little girls is so painful.

As we pack up what's been our home the past 3 weeks and say goodbyes to the many Buckners tomorrow, I hate them. I hate goodbyes.

Matt gets quiet and keeps us pushing ahead, Lily gets grouchy and removed. Sofie looks for the next best thing, and Nora doesn't understand why we can't just see them next week, at our house, and over a month still not in his bed, Ben doesn't sleep well.  

I'm all in, I've calloused hands, I'm deep in the dirt and focused on Him. I'm grateful for what's been and rich with what He's given. I'm trusting Him for them and I'm trusting Him for me.

but I'm sighing sad tonight, and there's nothing to do but plow on.

03 July 2019

family of friends

This has been a beautiful--in many ways--24 hours in Amish country Lancaster, PA.  The corn fields are like the ocean, they just bring simple and peace home.  

And being with Uncle Martin and Aunt Sharon is always filled with lots of laughter and relationship and family fun and grateful hearts. 

To answer the question I keep getting: No, Uncle Martin and Aunt Sharon aren't actually family.  I don't even like saying that.  And no, Aunt Lori and Uncle Terry aren't actually family either. cringe.

Aunt Lori and Matt's mama are besties, and Matt grew up alongside Amy and Patrick like siblings. Everything Aunt Lori and Uncle Terry are providing for us--a peaceful house on the east coast, food unending, love, a yard, patience, friendship, grace, prayer, wisdom--it's because they love the Lord and love our family and loved Matt's parent's first, and they have BEEN family.

The day Matt and I moved to Haiti as whipersnappers in 2007, Martin was on our flight.  

He was visiting OMS for a two or three days with his paster, he was a stranger to us who said he'd heard of us and been praying and helped us move in.  Months or maybe years later, we met Sharon when she came to the field she grew up in, sometimes with her mom or dad, also OMSers, to visit and help others, and we all became friends.  Her heart for missionary kids, and our heart for her and Martin just became family, family who goes to the Caribbean in July to deliver and watch over babies and help me, family who travels all the way to Amish country to hang out with four small children and two odd parents for 48 hours, not 'cause they have to.

These uncles and aunts make NO sense, further proving they are from the Lord as family in our lives. The Lord gave us peace when we first left our families for Haiti that He knew our heartbreak and understood the pain and saw all the gaps and would meet us and meet our families.  He has given us that peace a thousand times since, and he continues to provide badly needed friends and family, and we praise the Lord. 

These aunts and uncles are our testimony of His grace and faithfulness. 
Back to Amish country, it is gorgeous.  We've attended an Amish auction. A theater production of "Jesus." Eaten amazing Amish baked goods, kissed a cow, chased fireflies, watched buggies, played dominoes, gone shopping, spent some time with Nikki, and enjoyed every minute.
Yes, that was Nora in the middle of the theater when Jesus angrily trashed the temple and then stormed off the stage with the disciples who yelled, "He needs to help clean up that mess he made before he leaves!"

Does that mean I'm parenting well, or parenting poorly?  I dunno.  
This farm across the road from the little house we're staying in is just beautiful.

Tomorrow we're off for buggy rides and a farm tour and whatever else we can find!

Thankful for these two days to enjoy His oceans of corn, His varieties of culture and His family of friends!

01 July 2019

one month

Today marks one month in America, and I must say we're feeling it a bit. No matter how much fun we're having, not being home for a month, traveling with four kids for a month...it adds up and comes out in the quiet moments as we wonder after friends and miss pets and talk about missed toys and beds and even schedules...or maybe that last thing is just mom :)

Nonetheless, each day is rich with good friends and family, and yesterday, with great worship and community at Cornerstone Church of Bear, DE.  We love our Cornerstone family, and it was truly a joy to worship together and to catch up with so many praying people from through the years.  The testimonies of His faithfulness we've been hearing from people this summer continue to be so encouraging and inspiring.

After two services at Cornerstone, we headed back to the Bucker's for Judah's batman/spongebob birthday party, which the girls couldn't have enjoyed any more...they just love time with lots of kids (and ice cream, cake and the pool didn't hurt!)

We left the party around 4:30 and headed for the Heckman house, where the kids played with Ethan, Haylie and Braden while mom and dad went out to dinner with Phil and Emily.  

We spent many a nights over the years together in Haiti, chatting about fun things to do and see in Jersey, and it was a gift to know the kids were having a blast in our absence, and to go enjoy one of those places with people we so miss being a part of our daily lives and ministry.  Their new home is beautiful, and their jobs are good and Ethan and Haylie are awesome and we're so thankful.  I just hate change and we miss their help, and more, their familyship.

Such good food and so much laughter.
Ben is with Mom when it comes to ice cream!

Today we are off for Lancaster and a few days with Aunt Sharon and Uncle Martin and can't wait!  We're back on the fourth for final days with the Buckners, my sister and her family, a root canal, and with our Seeds of Greatness Family on Sunday before heading back to Ohio Sunday afternoon!  

If you're our PA/DE/NJ/NY/MD family and we haven't seen you yet, get to Seeds of Greatness!  Matt's preaching both services (8 and 10:30) and we would so love to see you!

29 June 2019


Yesterday we took Matt to the airport, heading to NC for his Moscow Seminary meetings, and were looking for something fun and "normal" to do before heading to my sister's house.  Ikea was right in the middle, so we carted up and enjoyed walking through room after room, chatting and not rushing and not having a schedule.

When everyone got hungry, we ate and met a few little friends, and were finally wrapping up  at the very last section, the plants, before the warehouse and exit, when Lily and Sofie had to go to the bathroom.  Thankfully, the plant section had a bathroom, and so while Nora, Ben and I walked around that small area, Lily and Sofie went to the bathroom.

A few minutes later they came out, and as soon as Nora saw them, she, of course, remembered that SHE had to go to the bathroom, too.

"I'll take her!" my sweet Sofie offered, and grabbed Nora's hand. Lily, Ben and I wrapped up in the plants, me debating whether or not I really thought a few small succulents could safely make their way all the way home to Haiti.

A few minutes later, we were done, and Sofie and Nora were still in the bathroom.

Finally, after about five total minutes, I walked the few steps to the bathroom and pushed the door open and hollered, "Sofie, Nora, common' girls!"


I opened the door all the way, peering under the stall.


My heart immediately started to pound, and I flew out of the bathroom and crossed the hall and swung open the door to the men's bathroom (to the surprise of the man within) and looked around, "Sofie?"

They weren't there.

I had been there, right there, the whole time.  Suddenly, unknowingly, they had been missing for over five minutes. I pushed the cart, heart in my stomach, out to the HUGE warehouse, didn't see them. Back to the plants, the pillows before the plants, yelling, "Sofie! Nora!"

Nothing. Nowhere.  The place is HUGE. The place is huge. I KNOW they went to the bathroom, it was right there, they were gone.

They were gone.

I battled the sneaking idea that someone had taken them as I rushed through the warehouse to the first saleswoman I could find.  I explained, described the girls, and she immediately announced a Code 99,  gave all employees a description, and then they shut and locked all the doors.

As everyone ran into action (seriously, everyone was GREAT), locked the front doors, the sickening knowledge that if someone HAD taken them, they'd have had a full 5-8 minutes to already go straight through the warehouse and out the front doors. They'd already be gone.

"Jesus, where our my girls? You know where my girls are, show me where are my girls." I kept praying over and over again shakily, pushing Ben and holding Lily's hand, not sure whether to scour the ginormous place or to stay in one place.

After what felt like hours, someone radio'd someone, "One of our employees found them" and in another minute or two, he came around a corner herding two little braided blondies.

Of course, I burst into tears and prayers and thank you'd, holding two very un-traumatized and confused little girls for all they were worth.

"Where were you?" I kept asking, and Sofie, totally confused by my tears, kept saying, "We were still looking for the bathroom! I knew it was really close 'cause I was just in there, but I turned around and couldn't find it anywhere. We've been looking EVERYWHERE, and finally we made it a game, and Nora was laughing and laughing, and then this guy came up to us and asked if we were lost, and I told him NO, we're not lost! We're looking for the bathroom! And then he made us come with him and brought us to you! Why are you crying?"

And Nora, "Mom, I really gotta go to the bathroom! Sofie and I almost found it! Can she take me?"

Clearly, Sofie had mom's sense of direction. Also clearly, the five of us will be taking all bathroom trips from now on.  Then we all had to buy 99 cent cones and sit by the front for a while while I stared at them all and prayed more prayers and listened to them chatter.

There went our "something normal."

We spent the evening with cousins and attempted a rather wild cousin sleepover which resulted in a lot of girls in mama's bed and mama finally sleeping with Ben in a chair :)

After a nice morning with all the littles asking the question again, "Is this the last time? Will we see you again, or is this the last time for a really long time?" we got back to the Buckner's this afternoon, heard from Matt that meetings were good and finished...and then heard from Matt again that his 6 pm flight was delayed, delayed, delayed and finally cancelled due to the weather.

He is now driving from Charlotte to us (around 2 am) so we can get to Cornerstone UMC church tomorrow morning.

We tired :)

Carol recently suggested we need more boring in our lives, and I think she's right.

I'm very thankful God is on the throne, I'm very thankful that our family and your family and every family are His creation, made in His image, greatly loved by Him. I've very thankful He's our mighty Father, with me in Haiti, with me in Ikea, with me with or without Matt, with Matt while he drives, with my children with or without me, close.  

I'm thankful He is close, He is close.

27 June 2019

the living God

I've tried to be extra intentional this visit about getting meaningful time with people He's been bringing to mind lots this past year. Some of these get-togethers are working out, some of them not...people here are every bit as busy as people there!  But that's meant good, inspiring conversation over coffee late nights, and catch ups in the middle of cornfields, and driving to wherever people are, and going to birthday parties, playgrounds and the aquarium with the sweet cousins, and also spending time at places we'd rather not but are thankful for, like the dentist.

90% of said visits and meetings and outings have been sadly Matt-free, as he's been preaching evening services, working, working and then some. One minute he's calculating budgets, then on the phone in Creole, then on the phone in English, then on the phone in both, and in video meetings and online meetings and I don't even KNOW what all. I've stopped trying to catch up, because I guess somebody's gotta be the president, and I guess that someone is him.  Christ to and through Matt is faithful, and I was especially happy today to hear him talking to Lucner and Leme and hearing that they are hanging in there and report while there continue to be major struggles, "it's no February."  Praising the Lord for that and just continuing to lift our brothers and sisters up!  

This intentional relationship-pursual has also meant that the girls have LOVED getting to know and being better known by other kiddos. From hanging out at Kristen's pool, to the rodeo, to the Buckner grandkids, to heading off on the farm in a golf cart with an 11 year old driver, to catching up with Ethan and Haylie, to chatting it up with their cousins, to meeting kids about everywhere we go, they are loving it.   

They're also getting lots of good together time, and I cherish that.

We don't get to see a lot of hippos in Haiti. Or fish tanks. Or animals not for eating, for that matter :)

On the way home from the aquarium by ourselves our borrowed car froze and died again just like a few weeks ago, and not in a safe place at all. After praying and waiting a few minutes, I got the car started and drove a few miles with no A/C (95 degrees, just like home :), and no power steering till we could get off at the first place we could, which of course, was at  "The Famous King of Pizza", which ended up being NOT so famous, neither for air conditioning, bathrooms, water, cleanliness, nor pizza.
We all prayed and prayed as we drove, and when I turned around, sweat dripping down my face and the deafening noise of the freeway whizzing by us with all the windows down, Ben and Nora had fallen fast asleep. What peace they had in the care of their mama, what peace we can have in the care of our Father, despite circumstances.

After playing every game we could think of in the furnace of not good pizza, Matt and the tow truck finally got there, and the girls got to learn all about how to load and unload a tow truck.

Nothing is wasted by the Lord, no adventure, no heart-ache, no trial and no blessing, so I'm just determined that I'm not going to waste them, either. Surely He can be at work in all these situations, and if He is at work, in someone else, in one of my children, in me, then we are rich with adventure and trial.

This morning, as Aunt Lori put it, "the coffee is going down easy", and I wasn't sure I had it in me to pack everyone up again and drive 80 minutes to 5 dentist appointments (the dentist is 3 minutes from where we stayed last year, and we didn't want to start all over at a new dentist!)

I wanted to be thankful, but I felt a lot more like tired.  As the girls played in the bedroom and Ben played in the sink, I stood by him and got back to 1 Timothy, and He sustained me anew with something better than coffee:

We toil and strive, because we have our hope set on the living God.

Do we have our hope firmly set on the LIVING, the LIVING GOD? Do we remember that He is vibrant and alive and powerful, our God?

We have our hope set on the living God.

What a firm and beautiful place to be today.  

There is hope for Haiti, there is hope for America, there is hope for them and you and me if it is set firmly on the living God.  

May He be alive and well through me, then.

Tomorrow Matt is off to North Carolina for board meetings as a board member of the Moscow Seminary in Russia...and staying with dear friends we've never met! 

So grateful for all your prayers to our Living God on our behalf, protecting and leading and meeting and sustaining us.