13 May 2017


I have been in denial all year, but it's here. 
On Tuesday, we knocked the last thing off Ethan's bucket list before moving back to America and spent the day at the beach!

 After four wonderful years of friendship and watching Ethan grow and mature and deepen, yesterday after graduation he moved back to the States for a summer of work and college in the fall! 

I remember the FIRST time we took him four years ago, hoping the Carribean would somehow make him love moving to Haiti as a teenager, hoping we'd find some way to be a totally teen-out-of-touch family with two little girls that this 12-year old boy could actually be friends with.
And God's done so. much. more.
We all talked today about how Ethan's been so much more than anyone thought possible...so much more creative, more kind, more hilarious, more patient, and more grounded...and it's with such excitement that we know Christ-in-Ethan won't ever cease to amaze us. 
He is the source of so much fun, the best friend Lily's ever had, the bringer-together, the inventor, the include-r, the one who's always IN, the one who's always ready to help, the one who remembers EVERYTHING none of the rest of us do...and we're going to miss him terribly!

Be praying with us for Ethan as he readjusts to life in the States, with a family who is awfully far away...and praying for his family (and his mama!) too!  
 So thankful for your life, E, and for the way you so freely share it!

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