I'm Stacey.  

We live life in Haiti, and this is where I write that life out...
every dusty, sweaty, heartbreaking and hallelujah bit of it. 

This blog is my cup of coffee.  My quiet moment.  
My breath of fresh air.  My burning the midnight oil. 

I write because I'm always working it out.  

the realities of being a natural-born sinner
 and a supernaturally born-again saint

the conflicts of being one of the world's richest 
in a land of the world's poorest

the foreignness of being an American with 
Haitian family and 3rd culture kids

the craziness of being a mom, wife, teacher, accountant, 
sister, friend, cook, hostess, housekeeper, homemaker

the reconciliation of being the child of a Holy and Perfect God 
in the midst of a very dark and painful world

I'm always trying to make it all fit,
to choose joy
to trust...
and this is where I do that.

After a year of rivalry, Matt and I decided instead to join forces and fell quite in love (at the cereal bar, of all places) and married in 2005.  In 2007 we moved to Northern Haiti with OMS, knowing very little about "the plan" other than that God had blessed us with a burden to teach His Word.

In 2009, Lily Sue joined us, in 2011, Sofia Lovely, in 2015, Nora Joy and in 2018, Benjamin Asher!  They speak English and Creole, go to Haitian school and homeschool, eat pizza and goat, have beaten-up passports and don't wear shoes 'till Sunday.  

Matt is the President of Emmaus University (previously Emmaus Biblical Seminary) and teaches Old Testament studies.  Emmaus is where I also work and teach, where we also live and love...and learn.  

We are really glad to meet you,
to share our lives with you,
and to seek His glory and His face in His world
with you.

Emmaus, the place so many of us call home, is a special place.

Located in the middle of the dirt-floor, branch-hut village of Saccanville in Northern Haiti, Emmaus is a watering center for thirsty disciples of Jesus,
a training ground for shallow roots,
an equipping retreat for overwhelmed pastors, missionaries, evangelists, teachers, brothers and sisters in Haiti.

Come on in and look around!

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