29 May 2017

full Sunday

Yesterday was the adventure we thought it would be...starting bright and early with this:
Sam wanted to make sure Sofie got his birthday present before they're gone for the next 10 weeks, and she couldn't wait for the sun to rise before building her new lego set...in her Moana outfit...listening to the soundtrack.  At 5:30.

So instead of being rushed to be out the door by 7:45, we all had plenty of time :)
No one can make her sisters grin like Lily can :)  

We drove almost all the way to the Dominican, finally arriving at one of Jodenel's churches right at 9:15.  

I say "one of" because Jodenel is the associate pastor at two churches...both the one who grew up in and where his family goes, and this one...the one that Emmaus sent he, Leme, Junior and Leandre to plant in 2012 over summer break.  
So from 6-9 he assists and often preaches in his home church, and then from 9:15-11:30 he assists and often preaches in this church, which is growing and beautiful!  It was awesome to worship with him and many others on Haitian Mother's Day, and to spend the day with three special little girls.  
The entire time we hold our hymnals and sing, Nora holds her hymnal (upside down) and sings her heart out.  It's awesome.  Until everyone stops singing and she's still going strong.
For Mother's Day, there were special gifts for the mom with the most living children (ELEVEN), the oldest mama (92) and the mama with the newest baby...so fun :)
Sadly, sitting on stage didn't give me the best angle...so this is the best shot I have of Jodenel doing his thing!  I'm so thankful for his partnership at Emmaus (all the student accounts and day-to-day financial operations are in his hands!) and for our long relationship (he started out as my student in 2010) and his beautiful character.  

Emily preached a great sermon on our relationship with God affecting and influencing our relationship with others, and vice versa.  She did the whole thing in Creole and I was all proud of her too!  

By the time all that was done, and lots of beautiful special mother's day singing groups (my favorite song being, "Even though I didn't get you anything, I still wish you happy mother's day!"), it was about 165 degrees.  Or so it seemed.  We drove all the way back and stopped for lunch coming through town and COOLED off for a bit.  So so nice.
Lily had a little breakdown at the pool...she desperately misses her friend Ethan.  Pool time was their forte.  We never have to remember to pray for him, because he's never far from anyone's thoughts.  
We got home right in time to start making pizzas for team supper.  The girls love when people who have come before return, like Abraham...no time to be shy with return friends!  Junior is also a part of this team, so the girls are LOVING some good June time.
Eating outside when it is this hot and with this many kiddos is always a good idea :)

Matt is on the road back now, Sofie started national testing today and Lily starts next week...they are VERY ready for summer break!  Thanks for all your prayers while Matt's been gone!

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