27 May 2017

Russia and Weddings

In case you're not on FB, here's some fun pictures of Matt in Russia with Harold.  Graduation was today (though today is very over in Moscow) and I can't wait to hear all the stories that go with these pictures!  I've only gotten to speak to Matt once, and it was about how to troubleshoot internet problems we're having...so...I have no idea what all is going on, but I'm thankful he's loving this experience and building these relationships!

Meanwhile, a wedding he was supposed to perform happened yesterday nonetheless!  Dear Phida, graduate of 2016 and one of the leaders in our discipleship program, married Nosebin, the pastor at Difour and our third year student!  It was a great day (with lots of EBS people there!) and we're just so happy for them both!

Many area missionaries are leaving this week as the international school is finished for the year, so the girls are spending as much time with friends this weekend as they can!  This evening, our first team of the summer arrives! Tomorrow, we have a big church adventure in Trou-du-Nord, Jodenel's church, and it's Mother's Day in Haiti tomorrow as well and pizza night for the team.

It's gotten so hot that you can see the humidity clinging to the mountains in haze...we're just trying to keep up and keep cool and asking to be filled up with all the fullness of God!
...thank you for all the extra prayers!

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