01 June 2017

home again

Matt is safely home...thank you all for your wonderful prayers!  He got in late, gave the girls their sweet little Russian nesting dolls, everybody went to bed, and then Sofie was up all night vomiting and I finally caught Lily and Sofie's colds...it has not been the welcome we had hoped for !

But, it is so wonderful to have him home all the same, and so much fun to listen to all of his stories of the culture, of his time with the great Harold Brown, of the men and women leaders we have prayed for for many years, of the stories of the students graduating...  It was a great partnership opportunity, and I'm so glad he was able to go...and that he's back!
Matt's time with Harold was one of the highlights, hands down.  Harold was a missionary both in Haiti and in Russia for umpteen years and continues to work in Africa and really, around the world.  The knowledge and experience of this godly man is priceless.

Sofie is finishing up her week of testing (aside from throw-up day yesterday) tomorrow, and Lily starts testing next week.  Sunday is Sofie's 6th birthday!  Saturday she is having a little party with her besties...and she has changed the theme six times...it's now an ocean /turtle /mermaid /dolphin /Moana /fish party.  I have Pinterest, but I have no Wal-Mart, so we're getting creative :)

The team is having a great week so far, having spent two days at StreetHearts, and the rest of the week in Fev with Walnique.

I'm gonna feel better soon, and then the blog will, too!

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  1. So glad Matt is home safe and sound! I hope all of you girls get to feeling better (at the same time)! Prayers..