12 September 2016

worship at Fev

**If you read NONE of this post, watch the video at the end and experience the absolute cutest part of your day**

We had a beautiful day of worship in Fev (EBS church plant, pastor alumni Walnique Cenat, Junior, students Rujerry, Jorgia and alumni Luddie), praising the Lord in a beautiful setting with some beautiful men and women.

And June showed up on a motorcycle after breakfast this morning...so...Junior was there, too!  (those were some happy Ayars girls!)

This is Rose, one of the first believers, and a woman who routinely comes to church 90 minutes early to make sure she doesn't miss a thing.  She was SO happy to see Junior!

The best part, however, was these twins singing their hearts out.  It. Was. ADORABLE.

They're almost three year old twins, singing (like, 12 times until Rujerry finally had to take the mics away) "Though men are evil, they know how to give good gifts to their children.  How much more will your Father in heaven give to those who love Him."

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