13 September 2016

at work

Now, I know the twins singing was so cute...but Lily's first day of school was pretty adorable, too.
She  had an awesome first day, loves her new teacher, already has been hard at work on her French homework, and her best friend Hline is back in her class again this year (there are two classes of 50 in every grade level at Lil's school).  


Nora hates the girls going off without her, but I've decided she is NEVER GOING TO SCHOOL.  Can't take it.  
Meanwhile, there's Sofie.

Dr. Gail has been staying with us this two weeks, and teaching Intro to New Testament this week.  She spoke yesterday in chapel about her experiences and testimonies over the past three years as a missionary in a closed country, and that was so powerful. 
It is SO good to be reminded that God is at work--even in places He hasn't been asked, even in lives who have never heard of Him, even in ways the world calls closed.

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  1. Ummm those pics of the girls are just adorable. Love it!!