10 September 2016

it could be

She apologizes quickly when we enter the yard
if she had known we were coming, she would have bathed the kids
she would have knocked the drying laundry off the roof 
with a broom, as she does now
she would have had it all done first
but the days are so short
she says, and the laundry is never finished
the children are never clean
the sewing is still not finished
and thankfully mama's cooking
I know I know, I say
don't apologize!  
and I do know.

This is not my kitchen
Jefte, Ephraim, Ludwhich, these are not my babies
this is not my chicken
not my yard
but our children make us throw up our hands and laugh
and our smiles shine from tired eyes
and our laundry piles are never small
and the Lord our God is our strength
This is not my life.

but it could be

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