19 August 2016


The last two days have consisted of a lot of sweet reunions, hours of different staff members meeting with the students covering details like water usage and meals and dorm life and classroom standards, worship, devotional time, basketball and soccer matches, registration, course changes, and we even got back to our evening family walks on this beautiful campus with beautiful friends.

It's been such a joy to catch up with everyone, to once again hear the roar of laughter coming from the dorms, to listen to worship music float out of the chapel, to be eating the food that Lily and Sofie have been asking for every day since last semester, to be bumping into the men and women who have been bumping into our prayers and hearts these last months.  A campus is much better full!

Thank you for your continued prayers!  Four visiting professors join our three visitors from the UK tomorrow, and Monday, classes begin!

On an unrelated note, Nora's just the cutest.

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