22 August 2016

everybody's busy

The girls are busy with their new cat, which they've been begging for for MONTHS.  Yes, this is a terrible idea...it will only get eaten by the Doberman or the neighbors, Nora keeps eating the cat food, and the girls are having a terrible time focusing on their school work.  The things we do for our kiddos...:)

Meanwhile, after an awesome student retreat/orientation last week and picking up four visiting professors on Saturday, this morning kicked off a new year of classes!

First year is with Dr. Tran learning Inductive Bible Study, second year with Dr. Lake and Jodenel, focusing on Discipleship, third year with Professor Bobanoit studying Leadership, and Professors Westbrook and Keller of the Crescent Project, teaching Islam and the Christian Faith to fourth year!

Meanwhile, Nora is keeping busy with her newest bestie, Joel, who is 6 months younger than her, but more significant in size :)  She decided to take her first step yesterday, which ended the day in 6 or 7 steps...she is so proud of herself!

Yesterday was a full day of church in Flavil with our brother Belony, lunch in town with all the visiting professors and the team from Northern Ireland, and then a pizza night last night with everybody to celebrate Julie's birthday!  Sam was very. very. into cupcakes!

Thankful to have so many first-time visitors and visiting professors here right now, very thankful for so many radiant students and staff around us this morning, thankful for Belony's testimony of a dedicated, patient, bold and full-of-integrity pastor yesterday, and to be busy, alongside, today.

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  1. I firmly believe that kittens are the best sort of terrible idea! :) Is this one named Princess Fluffity Fairy?