18 August 2016

new day

I wish I could tell you what joy fills my heart to greet our returning and new students today.

After working and ministering hard all summer, many of them who would have been entirely alone in their efforts had it not been for our Faithful God, they are deeply celebrate being TOGETHER, being back in this community this morning.

You could hear the men's dorm chattering into the wee hours of the morning (our N Irish guests are rubbing off on me with all this "wee" stuff!)

 After living hard all summer, they are kissing the cooks with vigor, thrilled to be cared for once more, to stop worrying, just for a moment, about where the next meal is coming from.  For most, it is the first time in months water runs when you turn the faucet, the first time they've had a fan and power to run it since May.

After praying hard all summer and pouring out still harder, they are back in the place we ALL call a very special home to be poured INTO while they continue to pour out, and seeing Aldy and kissing Rose-Altha and catching up with Jean William and seeing Rujerry and Maurice slapping each other's backs heartily...it all just blesses my heart.

It IS a dry and weary land and our students this morning look dry and weary and thin.  The Haiti I described in my last post is their Haiti, too.  More than I will ever know or understand.

And I am so thankful for this chance to love on and care for them physically and socially and spiritually.

But better still, there is a water at Emmaus that does NOT run dry, and I celebrate most this morning that that is Christ, and that He is here, and that the joy most felt this morning is HIS.

Love it.

In case you don't receive Emmaus' updates (you can sign up on the bar to the right---->), here's today's awesome chance to be a part of the caring and sharing and pouring going and giving that is happening at Emmaus this morning:

A new year...and a new chance to make a difference at Emmaus!
It's back-to-school week at Emmaus, with new and returning students, first-time and long-time EBS professors, young church plants and well-established church ministries, unreached villages and discipleship projects and the 
fresh and unchanging Word to teach and study, meditate on and give freely.
August 22 : First Day of the 2016-2017 Semester
We need your help!
The start of a new school year comes with
numerous start-up costs for food purchases (including a cow), cleaning supplies, translators for visiting professors, furnishings and maintenance projects, and we need your help!  

We also have many students enrolled who are struggling to find the funds needed to begin a new semester, and we want to make as many scholarships available as possible.  Your gift today can enable EBS to grant scholarships to students in need!

Thank you for your help and prayers for a new year of 
developing Christ like leaders for Haiti...and the world! 

Emmaus Biblical Seminary | Haiti | info@ebshaiti.org | ebshaiti.org

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