18 July 2016


What a whirlwind of a weekend that was!

It was once again such a gift to be worshipping with our Cornerstone Family!  We've been involved in each other's lives and ministries since 2006, and it was so good to catch up, to worship together, to study the function and work of the Holy Spirit, and to pray together.  Cornerstone is truly a special place, and their heart for service and hospitality and helping is just HUGE.  Very thankful.
Matt preached at the Saturday night service, and then at the three Sunday morning services, and by the end of the fourth service, he had put several people to sleep...
Pastor Paul is such a humble servant leader, and so faithful...spending time with him is always a gift.  
We finally left church around 2 pm, and by 4 pm the girls were having a fun night with Uncle Adam and Aunt Lisa, and we were on our way to Reading.  After two years of enjoying comedian Jim Gaffigan with each other's families, visitors and friends in Haiti and talking about how much we would love to go see him one day, we finally did it!! 
It was SUCH a fun night, and so good to hang out with Phil and Emily, who also spoke at three services at Sharptown Church yesterday morning, and truly GET what this crazy 6 weeks of traveling, support raising, visiting friends and family, living in a van, trying to help our kids enjoy their time out, catching up on all medical care, etc, is like!  

Between our two families we've travelled literally thousands of miles, through dozens of states, and will be speaking almost 30 times about life and ministry at Emmaus in Haiti!

We're so so thankful for Phil and Em!!!

And I haven't laughed that hard...um...EVER.

And then TODAY we finally did what the girls beg to do every summer...our family vacation day at Sesame Place with Aunt Lisa and Uncle Adam and the girls!  

It was an awesome day...the girls each had SUCH a good time, and watching them LOVE the rides and parades and time together was wonderful.

Two more kiddos then we had with us last year :)

They STILL love Super-Grover!

So thankful for these little girls, and for these precious and rare moments with family!

Tomorrow, Matt heads towards Indy for board meetings and we start getting ready to head back West a bit, ending up this weekend with our New Bedford, PA family!

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  1. So looking forward to seeing you all!