20 July 2016

Matt's in Indianapolis at EBS board meetings, and the girls and I are enjoying a few last sweet days with my family.  The last few days have held a lot, including a very scary flat tire incident, and a very scary no headlights at night incident...both of these on different days in different cars, man alive!, getting ready for board meetings and finishing off a few summer tasks like getting the girls uniform shoes and finding navy hair clips and balls, and continuing homeschooling, which lately includes multiplication tables...yikes.  Tonight we had a great dinner with good family friends, and Friday we're going to celebrate Nora's first birthday together a bit early, because we are at a new church with new people in Florida as speakers for a conference for her actual birthday.

These girlies are SO very precious. There has been a lot of laughter (and a lot of crazy) these few sweet days together.

If you're interested in listening in on Matt's sermon from Sunday, here's the link!! 

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