15 July 2016

who does that?

We had such a wonderful four days in Cape Hatteras.  Like, perfect.  Four nice long days at the beach.  Lots of family to love on our kids.  Wonderful home cooked meals.  Lots of laughter. Lots of good conversation.  Our favorite foods (crab and shrimp for Matt, ribs for me, and DQ ice cream cake!!)  No pressure, no schedule, no work.  No financial stress.  Just. Perfect.  

It's not a normal thing to take people (with three small kids, nonetheless) to your mom's house for your family vacation, and then spoil them to death.  It's just not.  And we continue to be SO SO SO thankful for those "only-because-of-Christ" love and people in our lives, like Uncle Don and Aunt Brenda.  

We're now back on the road to  Philadelphia, preparing to speak at Cornerstone Church in Bear, Delaware Saturday night at 6 pm, and Sunday morning at 8, 9:30, and 11!

One day at a time.  

When the girls asked in the car today where the next few places are that we are going, I only made it through four locations before Lily wailed, "I WANNA GO HOME" and Sofie started listing off all the stuffed animals, school friends and Emmaus friends she wants to see.

Don't get me wrong, we are going to enjoy every last minute we have with friends and family these next 3 weeks, and it's going to be downright hard to say good-bye to many...I already tear up when I think about saying goodbye to my little nieces.  I also plan on continuing my "an ice cream a day" policy as long as I can.  

But God continues to bless Matt and I by giving our children hearts for Haiti.  It gives us added peace over being faithful, and helps confirm a calling we continue to feel clear about.  

Looking forward to sharing a bit of that calling, and the message He's got on Matt's heart, with our Cornerstone family this weekend!

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  1. I am so thankful God placed Uncle Don and Aunt Brenda in your life! So glad your time at the beach was just what everyone needed!