31 July 2016

His strength in our weakness

Today was filled to the brim, but here my heart is, too.  When we got everyone going at 6 this morning, all thoughts of the day were that of being o-v-e-r-w-h-e-l-m-e-d, but God's grace and one thing at a time, through His power, and suddenly it's over and it was GOOD.

Our Crosspoint Family is a SPECIAL family...so thankful.

At 8 am, Matt preached another service, similar to last night.

Then at 9:30, Matt preached a third service, and the girls and I shared in children's church.  The girls were intimidated by the thought of being on stage with me and presenting with me, but then they loved it and were all in!

The children's building and program at Crosspoint is just remarkable!

Then, at the 11 am service, Matt preached a fourth service, and the girls and I led another children' ministry session.

By the time all that was over, Nora was DONE.

The girls went home with God's grace to us this weekend, Gemma...who has both hosted and helped and loved us well...
And Nora, Matt and I went to a meeting with the Crosspoint Soul Care team.

We rushed home after to pass out for 30 minutes and to change clothes, then headed back to church for tonight's missions banquet, which was just an awesome chance to eat with and talk to lots of Crosspoint people, which was the life-on-life part we love so much (Lisa and Christa, especially, you just blessed me!)

However, Lily and Sofie knew that the moment they have been terrified of was coming soon...when they would sit on the stage with a three other MK's in front of hundreds of people they'd never met to answer their questions.
They have been petrified, and I told them that ultimately if they didn't want to or just couldn't do it, that would be ok.  But we'd prayed them up, Aunt Sharon helped my mom heart, we talked about it lots, and when it was time...ah, be still my heart...I was just so proud.
Can you imagine having a kiddo like dear Sofie, and having her sit in front of hundreds of people with a microphone to say WHATEVER she wanted, having NO IDEA what her questions would be or what she would say?  That terrified me a bit, too :)
But they talked boldly and happily about spaghetti for breakfast with mayo and catsup, and talked about their best friends and what they love to do with them, talked about how they ask daddy if they every really want something instead of mommy (which let's face it, everybody already knew anyway :) and then soon it was over and they were quickly saying they want to do that again...which is good, because we have several more similar missions banquets at other campuses these next few nights!
Being in Haiti is stretching...but being missionaries in America can be really stretching, too!  So thankful for His faithfulness to be more than enough in our weakness, and for opportunities like this one to worship and rely on Him to show up strong, as a family.
We are here with another really special family serving in Ecuador, and several other singles and couples, and it's just been so neat to learn more of their stories and to share this rather unique part of our life together!

We got to speak to so many fantastic people tonight...so thankful to be with strangers, and realize that we're with friends...friends who follow and pray and help and love and minister and are missionaries on this foreign/home mission field alongside of us.  

You're either a missionary or a missionfield...That's what Gemma says, and she's right.

Sofie, unscathed by the day's adventures.

And now I am exhausted.  Thank you for all of your prayers as we continue missions week here in Niceville and prepare to head home.

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