30 July 2016

it's enough

After another great adventure involving cancelled flights, changes of airports and a bit of a road trip, we are somehow safely in Niceville, Florida.

Even yesterday, preparing to leave, we had final vaccinations for Nora, errands, trying to make it all fit in 4 bags, and trying to adjust the heart while ministering to the hearts of our children.

We played outside and grabbed our bags and took this last picture in the rain, and headed for the airport from Basil Western Road, one last time.  
On the radio almost immediately began the strumming of a guitar I've never heard (yes, living in Haiti is kind of like living under a rock :) and the voice of a JJ Heller singing 

When my world is shaking
heaven stands
when my heart is breaking
I never leave your hands
And so He gave me my last tears and the peace that passes all circumstances, based only upon being in His hands, His hands that shaped the world. 

What peace we have today, family, because Heaven Stands. What more do we need to know than that He is still on the throne, and that we are in His hand?
This morning as we were settling into a new friend's home for a few days after so many days of craziness, and I thought to ask the girls, "Do you know why we are here in Niceville?"

They didn't say anything about this:

but they nailed it all the same.

"Aren't we just here to share Jesus?" Lily asked.  

Why yes we are, Lily-dear.

I'm so thankful that while that may well be "Matt Ayars, preaching at every service", that it is also done a million other ways, and 

that IS why we are here, family.

Even sharing Jesus, we don't do without His sufficient help.

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  1. So glad you found JJ Heller music! Thankful that heaven does stand!