01 August 2016


If babies aren't your thing, you can skip this post.  But today sweet Nora Joy turned 1, and while I fretted a few weeks ago about spending her birthday in a new place with new people with no cake and no presents, God answered my prayers with presents mailed from her thoughtful, loving Godparents (Aunt Sharon is the best, and Uncle Martin's not all that bad, either...but don't tell him I said that)...my dear sister making her a fantastic cake a few weeks ago...oldish/newish friends to spend the morning at the beach with, more new friends to hang out all evening with on a beautiful farm, and a happy happy day with our happy girl.

What a joy Nora Joy has been in our life, both along for the ride and life of the party.  We named her after compassion and light, and we watch them GROW.  What Joy.

Hard to believe that this was only a year ago...man, did I look tired.  I probably still look tired.  I'm ok with that.  It's a happy tired.

We love you, Nora Joy.  You are one of God's very sweetest gifts in our lives.  What peace guides my heart as I give you to Him daily.


  1. what a sweet post!! Nora is such a cutie!! Happy happy birthday to her!

  2. Elaine HeplerAugust 02, 2016

    Enjoy your little Nora and God bless you. Happy Birthday. Elaine

  3. I just love this post! I love this girl! :) And her family!