20 June 2016

the greenhouse effect

I think the girls might just think Kansas is the greatest place in the world right now.  After all these years of partnering with NorthRidge (who do relationships and missionary care just SO well), and all of the many people who have come and served alongside of us in Haiti, there are just a whole lot of relationships in Kansas we are so thankful for and excited about.  
On a walk the other night the girls were listing for me all the ways America seems different than Haiti...so interesting to see the cultural shift through their eyes.  One of the things they are particularly excited about are all the "poof flowers"
It' a joy to NOT be visiting missionaries in Kansas, but to just be friends, ministering together.  
yep, that would be breakfast
Our "home team" leaders and friends Jane and Robert, and a few of our Voos buddies
Uncle Martin has officially been feeding Nora ice cream since she was 2 months old.  Uncle Bad Boy.
The girls are SO into Uncle Martin's bikes...Mommy doesn't like to watch
Nora is over the moon for this little tent!
Classic Sofie-girl...helmet, but no pants.
the Mishlers always make room for us in their fantastic family...so grateful.
I think the girls and I crave berries more than anything (especially if they're on ice cream!) We're being spoiled!
Phil climbed the tower for us last night to get thins completed picture of EBS's new "solar system" :)...So thankful to be using one of God's first creations to power so much of what God's doing through Emmaus!

been waiting to get these girls together for a really long time...
Today the girls got to go to their first American VBS, and Matt and I had the opportunity to teach all the different classes about God's mission in the world and through them.  We answered about 80 billion questions and kept the focus some of the time, and actually all had a really fun time.  It's through being stretched that He often pushes through...praise the Lord!

So thankful for this time to share and build relationships, to be taken care of and prayed for, to spend time with so many dear digging-deep relational Christ-desiring people.

The students always talk about how Emmaus is like a greenhouse for them.  Ministering throughout Haiti, they get tired and sometimes feel alone and come together at Emmaus to be fed and to find rest and to be encouraged and to be in community and to be loved on.  I love being a part of that greenhouse, I love caring for them and others, I love providing that place
...and these last few days have felt like exactly that, but for us.

How humbling.

I didn't realize how much we needed it!

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