21 June 2016


These special friends come with an amazing testimony of faith.  We had our babies about 10 days apart, and it was their little boy I asked you to pray for a few weeks ago when he underwent brain surgery.  While the weeks and months leading up to that 6 hour surgery were so challenging for Randi and Anthony, every time we spoke they were such a testimony of faith to me!
But as I was talking to Anthony on Sunday, I was so touched by this powerful image of faith and trust.  He was sharing with me what peace they felt on the day of the surgery and how the Lord had brought them to such a place of rest.  Little Charlie was getting fussy around 9 am, and Anthony took her back to the room to sleep.  

He said that his son was halfway through this incredibly dangerous and major surgery, and as he put Charlie down for her nap, he felt such peace that he stretched out on the bed and slept, too.  

"I know that sounds crazy," he told me Sunday, "and if you had told me that I'd be sleeping while my first-born son was in the middle of brain surgery, I would have told you NO. WAY.  But I was such at peace with my son in God's hands, that I could truly rest."
I have thought about that image several times since Sunday...thought about true faith.

It is true faith, family, to sleep while He is at work on our very most precious.  
It is true faith to NOT pace the halls while He handles our cares.
It is true faith to be at rest in His hands.

I've got that image of Anthony and the baby stretched out on the bed in my mind, and am so thankful for what faith looks like, when I struggle.  

Faith looks like true peace...not because the circumstances are peaceful.  Not saying, "God's got this" while we toss and turn in bed at night.  Not peace because there are no worries.  

Faith looks like true peace because God is truly in control, and trusted.

So so thankful for time with this sweet family today and for all the ways these families around us this week keep on pointing us towards resting in Him!

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  1. Such a great testimony of faith. Looks like those girls were actually playing together. That is cool for one year olds!!!