18 June 2016


As we were heading out yesterday morning, Julie's dad shared with us a Northern Irish proverb which says "A change is just as good as a rest."

So we are going to try it out...and you wouldn't believe how much change just the last 24 hours have brought!
We spent our last day with lots of friends coming to say goodbye (and Lily teaching them how to take selfies :) 
Spending some last precious time with some of the great community that comes with Emmaus...in this picture Rachel and Noel, Charles Lake, Uncle Dave and Aunt Marilyn, the Folkeringas and David Long...

and saying goodbye to Rachel, who blessed us beyond measure just by living with our family and loving on our girls during an extra crazy time!

We finally made it to Kansas City after midnight last night, and stayed in the big city over night and this morning took some overjoyed girlies to Lego-Land Discovery Center.  It took Lily about 30 minutes before she announced, "This is the BEST DAY OF MY LIFE."  Apparently having cereal with berries and whipped cream (yes, Uncle Martin was responsible) for breakfast and then riding Lego rides, seeing Lego exhibits, playing Lego games, watching 4D Lego movies and building with 80 billion Legos = a REALLY good day...especially coming from a far less stimulating and sugar-filled normal life :)

Matt and Rachel were overjoyed to get to Starbucks.
Tomorrow we are worshipping with our NorthRidge family and can't wait!  

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