02 May 2016


It's been well over six weeks since our last every-six-weeks-homechurch, and it was such a wonderful morning to celebrate Haylie's birthday, eat breakfast together as the church, and listen to Francis talk about Christ together.

And now, we are ALL messed up.

God used Francis in this specific sermon to speak to all KINDS of different things in my heart and life, and in Matt's heart and life, all incredibly different and unexpected and powerful.  

You probably don't feel like you have an hour today.  


Grab your family and watch it instead of whatever is on on Monday nights.  Watch it instead of an hour of sleep.  Watch it with your family during dinner.  Something.

Do this for me.  Watch and listen with an open heart, asking the Holy Spirit to touch your heart and life, mind and burdens, and as He brings things to mind as you listen, jot them down.

We've got some things to pray about and think about, church.

Send me an email and talk to me about this...I want to be talking about this!  Tell me what He brought to your mind and heart, tell me where you go from here, tell me how to be praying for you, and I will tell you how to be praying for me.

as the must-be unstoppable ones

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