03 May 2016

catching up

Between mango & banana season, Haylie's 14th birthday, and the littlest clown in our family, plus this week being finals week, alumni day and graduation being next week....it's been about all we can do to keep up!
There are dozens of different kinds of manages and bananas everywhere in Haiti right now...one of our very favorite seasons because free food is everywhere, and everyone seems to be orange-chinned and HAPPY.  love it.

...but NOT as happy as little monkey is when her sisters give her their lollipops.
There are children who's first taste of sugar is the carrot cake with applesauce icing at their first birthday parties... and then there's mine.
Actually, our toothless wonder adores any food, at any time.  
This picture is because BOTH girls were working, INDEPENDENTLY, on their math work, at the same time.

It was so miraculous I took a picture.
Haylie-girl turned 14 on the first, and man, I'm never NOT thankful this girl lives next door. She's funny and creative and loving, and makes 14 way cooler than it used to be.

This is Lily, pretending like she's a Heckman.
And Sofie, pretending she's a cowgirl.
And Nora, pretending she's a big girl.
Cap-Haitien, from above
The last English chapel of the year, with Emily preaching on teaching people the Bible, not teaching the Bible to people.
Our new prayer cards are in, proving that Nora has officially joined the family!
AND, Galen just made this sign for the front gate to match all the buildings, and it looks SO good!!

This (besides being a really random post) is a stick.  Jean-Sius has "planted" these all around our house, and claims they will soon be bushes.  I have taken this picture and will continue to, because I'm gonna be REALLY impressed...
a photo Sofie took...(among the hundreds they take weekly of boo-boos, plants, silly expressions and shoes.)
OK, so you're officially caught up!

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