08 April 2016

on the road again...

I hate to say it, but Matt's on his way off again, this time as the speaker at "Sharptown U" a going-deeper conference for Sharptown UMC and area churches and individuals.  

I'm normally quite happy to stay home as Matt travels, but I am excited about what he's sharing and how many friends are going to be there!  It's going to be a great couple of days...if you're in the Jersey/DE area, get over there!  The schedule is below, and he will also be preaching Sunday morning.  

This link will get your more information about times, meals, maps, etc.

Meanwhile, the girls and I would love your prayers as we do the week alone...I'm trying to convince them that "girl week" will be fun, but everybody knows that everything's better with Daddy!

Thankful for this awesome opportunity to share the Gospel in our home-culture, and to continue on  at Emmaus in Haiti at the same time!  

We have a huge weekend of ministry coming up the moment Matt gets back...more soon!

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