06 February 2016

divide and conquer

When I told my sister that I might need to borrow some of her winter-weather clothes, it was an understatement.  As I packed yesterday, I quickly realized that my standard of "cold weather clothing" has evolved into a maxi skirt and a light, short-sleeved button-up sweater.  I OWN no 30 degree clothing, nor do I have any for Nora, because I've never had any for Sofie, or Lily.

Thankfully, Lisa's got it all, and so we head to Philly today in our layers of warm-weather clothing, and the girls and Matt and the Heckmans head for the Dominican a day early to try to beat the predicted political heat of tomorrow, the day our current president is to step down, though no following president has been elected.  Ah....life.

Please be praying for them as they travel, that God would protect their minds and hearts and bodies, for all of our visitors heading out today, and for Nora and I as we head for Philly.  Nora has a doctor's appointment to get immunizations on Monday, but except for that, my sister and I should have four days full of loving on our babies and the very rare : being. together.

Can't WAIT to meet Jayla, and to have som
e precious time with Evie.  Thank you for your many prayers, and be on the lookout Sunday for an exciting twist of a testimony coming from this past week...I'm almost done writing it up!
Nora's first trip to America and my first winter weather in YEARS....here we come!

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