07 February 2016

everybody made it

Oh my lands.  

We're all everywhere we're supposed to be.  That didn't happen easily.  Insane immigration for me, huge back-up at the border for Matt, missed flight (thanks to insane immigration), lost bag, and icy weather in my warmest flip-flops and Nora's only jacket, getting to Adam and Lisa's at 2 am.

And somehow, Nora was happy as a clam the whole time. 

Couldn't have done it (without tears) without Rick and Carol...SO thankful.  
Regardless, THIS happened this morning, and so I don't even care:
Jayla is just simply the sweetest little thing out there. 
And Nora loves this sweet cousin time (and new toys :)
And the girls are having fun...
And Evie is just plain a BLAST.  Chatting it up and snuggling and my buddy.
The dry winter air has Nora all chappy and fuzzy headed :)

Evie is teaching the Nora to play :)
Tomorrow, Nora gets to the doctor for the first time since she was 1 week old...praising the Lord for this opportunity!

THANK YOU for your prayers...Pray for our team as Charles Lake leads retreat, that it might be a restful and restoring 4 days!

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