29 January 2016

storing up

my goodness.

They say we don't make much money, and yet every year we feel more rich.
We live with fantastic and beautiful men and women.
 We have three amazing and beautiful and joyful girls.

 We live on a beautiful campus where it NEVER EVER SNOWS.

Every day I walk to my office and listen to the Gospel growing and deepening and going out.

Every day I eat around the table with men and women like Jerry and Luke and Pam, Carol and Rick, Bob and Launa, Larry and Verna...

Every day I get to know them better, we get to know Him better
We partner with a fantastic family who work hard alongside us, who family us well and who love others inspiringly
and a totally revolutionary idea FINALLY finally CAME TO CAP HAITIEN.


And tomorrow is a BIG really special day...can't wait to share.

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