30 January 2016

His mercies

WHAT a day.  

My sweet and beautiful and amazing little niece, Jayla Grace, was born this morning.
I couldn't sleep all night.  What a gift.  
I am so thankful she is safely here...and so anxious to meet her.  Being so far away is...SO...far away in the most beautiful times.
Not that it wasn't a beautiful day while I was thinking of my sister and praying and missing.  

We spent it with all these guys, celebrating the JOY of Ethan and Haylie's public confession of their life in Christ.  It was SO special and beautiful.


 We love these guys dearly and it was so special to be a part of their decision to be baptized, and special to be a part of their lives.

and this girl is 6 months.

We took the girls way out beyond the reef to the drop off today, exploring the reef with them, seeing so many new kinds of fish, looking at beautiful coral...they are growing up!

I think I cried like 13 times today, tasting and seeing that the Lord is good.

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