27 January 2016

in the meantime...

While the politics rage, we pray for our brothers and sisters and encourage and trust and carry on...He's as ever on the throne as He ever will be.  
Our new set of visiting professors are here, with Jerry Caskey teaching Pauline Epistles to first year, Bob Petruccio teaching the Pentateuch to second year, Pam Simpson teaching Systematic Theology 2 to third year, and first-timer Lucas Wisely teaching Psalms to fourth year.  

Very thankful for all of them and the opportunities our staff, students and visiting professors have to live and work together for 2 weeks.
Also so thankful for Rosa, who is now 22 and just finishing a year with us at Emmaus!
Her birthday was a great excuse for a happy-craft!
It's been cool(er) and rainy....doesn't take much to flood.
All of Ethan's dreams are coming true at lunch last week for Rosa's birthday :)
After every church service, Sofie makes a game out of seeing how many hands she can shake :)  She loves being one of the kids.
It was a very rainy Sunday to worship at Fev, but I love watching everyone head out throughout the village with their chairs.  The rain didn't seem to keep anyone away!
and the picture everyone has from their childhood of falling asleep in their jolly jumper.  
so. darn. cute.
As the rain fell, everyone gathered closer and closer to get under the tarp...but it was the chilliest Sunday worship I can remember in a LONG time!
Nora, trying to be one of the big girls...
ah, Sofie
Madame Erin has started a ballet class for little girls on Thursdays.  The girls are thrilled, and watching all of them stumble and spin together is pretty stinking cute, too.
We invented a new   Lego craft last week for Sara's birthday...interchangeable Lego earrings!  (One day I will also have a Haiti crafting and cooking blog so that all of these Target-less years of making birthday gifts and dinners from scratch will not be wasted :)

This girl looks so much like her Daddy.  She loves Micheline dearly, and I love how mutual that love is.  We are all blessed indeed to live life alongside so many beautiful and loving people.
peaceful political marches Sunday
The first "square" of 15 was poured today by Phil, Maxi, Rick, Magloire and Jean-Sius...basketball court by the men's dorm is well on it's way!
I love this.  Part of Rick and Carol's ministry in Haiti seems to joining us right where we are and being a blessing....even if right where we are is in a box :)
Nora's just learned the joys of peek-a-boo, and she had us all in stitches tonight at dinner playing with a tupperwear lid!
Lily and Sofie have been quite sick (Zika for Lily and a bad stomach bug for Sofie), but they are finally both doing better and back to school.  

Grateful for the Word being taught....grateful for the Word going out...grateful for the Word in our lives...grateful for His Word through others, grateful for Our Rock.

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