14 December 2015


I don't know WHY I didn't ask you to send prayer ornaments with us when we moved to Haiti in 2007, but this has been SUCH a fun project for our family!!   Already it's so neat to have ornaments from all over the place on our tree!

I wasn't sure we'd get any, and instead we've been so touched by reminders from several of you that we are loved and prayed for and remembered, and it has been such a joy to pray for YOU as we hang your ornaments on our tree this Christmas!  THANK YOU!!
The whole Smith family each sent us this family of ornaments from Pennsylvania..thank you Lori, June, Shelley, Ron and Tim!
This beautiful birch angel came all the way from Canada...thank you Willms!!!
From Ontario, thank you Nykamps!!
yeah, the princess crown ornaments could NOT have been a bigger hit...and I LOVE the tea towel!!  Thank you Lipic family in Illinois!

The girls loved that Dean and Mary Ann sent them each a stocking from Pennsylvania!

Meg, thank you.  So special...all the way from Washington!
We put our gold sparkly Buzby ornaments from New Jersey right next to our glitter angel.  LOVE them! Next best thing to getting a CSA box.
These cute little guys come from the Hale's in Texas!  The girls won't stop playing with them :)
Yay for our homemade Porter ornament from Ohio! Thank you!
I love this fun Christmas bike from the Lauers in Kansas!
Thank you all for these little reminders that we are loved and thought of prayed for!!!


  1. I loved this idea, and it is so wonderful to see how greatly the Ayars family is loved by so many!

  2. Oh how fun!!!!! What a wonderful idea it was! I'm going to suggest this for other missionaries we know.