12 December 2015


We did it.  Cannot believe the whole semester is behind us!  MAN, did that fly.  As all the students said their farewells yesterday, I couldn't believe how many of them told me they were thankful it was break, but that they wish break wasn't so long.   

I'm pretty sure that is not the normal response.  So thankful we're not the only ones who find Emmaus to be home and family. 

Praying for each of them as they minister among their families, churches and communities throughout Haiti these few weeks!
For the last several months we've been looking forward to today...the day Uncle Don and Aunt Brenda's cruise ship docked in Haiti for the day.
We asked and begged and tried and called various people for over a week to try to ensure we could get in to see them, and we SO pumped about the thought of eating apples and BBQ ribs and feta cheese and maybe even riding the waterside, hanging out with them all day at Royal Caribbean's  closed private port.

And so of course after doing absolutely everything we could, none of that happened.  

So Don and Brenda gave up their fun Labadee day, got their passport's stamped and came through the barbed wire to us, instead.  We headed to a Haitain beach and spent a far less exciting but equally precious afternoon with such dear and sacrificial friends.  
The girls were SO EXCITED to see their Uncle Don and Aunt Brenda...it had been too long!  Catching up with them was fabulous, and hearing about how God is using them in beautiful ways ways in ordinary days was just inspiring and encouraging.  He is able to do a lot with a little faithful.

He did a lot for me through their faithful friendship, too.  Some seasons you just need especially loved on and reminded that you are cared for...just the way you are.  The Lord is faithful to be and give just what we need. 

And, Miss Nora went swimming for the first time today, and LOVED it...kicking like crazy and smacking her lips in the salt water.  Another Ayars fish is born!!

Ribs and waterslides would have been nice...but great friends with other great friends after such a full semester was better. Very very thankful.

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