24 October 2015

family gift.

So the day before we left Ohio for Haiti, one of my sister's dear friends, Katie (of Kathryn D Studios), came over and took some pictures of our little family.  Already, Nora has changed so much, but I am so incredibly grateful to have this time in our lives captured and held still.  Yay for something. holding. still.
I am incredibly blessed.  To be standing on the porch that's been home my whole life, with Matt and three little girls gifted to me for this time...man, it just continues to feel like there is no more powerful   ministry than exemplifying and forming them to love Him and love others well.
I mean, she's just precious.  Each and every child, such a gift, so clearly formed by His heart and hands.
Because we just hung out at home, the girls were totally...well...themselves.  
And Katie captured all that personality so well :)
I think I have loved these girls my entire life...
And I've loved this tree my whole life, too!
Thank you for praying for Lily.
For Nora.
For Matty.
For Sofie.

and for me.  So thankful to have you in the family...so dependent on your prayers and love and help and so grateful for the ways you inspire each of us in Christ.


  1. Great pictures... thanks for sharing. Sophie's expressions are an absolute hoot!
    The Grissom Gang

  2. I SO love your family! Do you have to be separated by an ocean?? Love praying for you all:) Such a joy!