25 October 2015

NorthRidge weekend!

I wish I could figure out how to just be HAPPY when people come and not so sad when they go.  When I figure it out, I will teach it to my children...because both girlies have been down all day with me about when Uncle Martin and Aunt Sharon will ever come back.
We are so incredibly grateful for NorthRidge Church.  This is a church that truly gets and does missionary support and care so well.  Relationship building.  Encouragement.  Getting to know you.  Weekly emails.  A "home team." Praying for you.  Visiting.  Spoiling you and loving your children.  Asking you to share your lives and sharing their lives with you, too.
Sharon, Martin, Andrew and the Voos crew 5 brought coffee and candy corn and apples, gifts for Nora from baby Charlie, sidewalk chalk for the girls, meds we've been needing, and even brought food to make us dinner and breakfast!!  The weekend flew!

They finally all met Nora...and loved on her...

went night swimming with the girls...
And helped us get through election weekend!

 This morning we all went to Belo's church and were able to worship together for the first time since the Heckmans and Lily and I were in Kansas worshipping at NorthRidge over July 4th.  
I'm so thankful for this crew, and the many they represent, and for all of the prayers and love and support and encouragement they are in our lives!  

Elections, for now, are safely over, our wonderful weekend guests are well on their way home, the Sleasman 5 are on their way back to Ohio, and a new week is upon us!  Choosing grateful.

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