22 October 2015

random post of the week.

--Every single one of my third year students, when asked on their quizzes what their biggest complaint is of their neighborhood, said that their neighbors and the kids in their neighborhoods are continually asking them for stuff, and that it drives them nuts.  This is the first time I have realized that it. is. not. just. us.  I thought that was a special foreigner privilege :)  Turns out, we're all special!

--Martin and Sharon, and some other wonderful people from NorthRidge Church are here, just blessing our socks off with their presence and presents.  They knew, and brought us, our very favorite coffee without even asking what it was, brought the girlies some sidewalk chalk, brought us canned pumpkin and sour patch kids (though I know it probably almost killed Linda to support the purchase of something so unhealthy :), chocolate...mmmmm.  While they're staying in Vaudreil for a few days, we get them this weekend, and I'm THANKFUL.  Some time with all that Christ-in-them will do us all so good!
So thankful to finally have Uncle Martin and Aunt Sharon meet Nora!
--Please be praying...if you've noticed a trend in world news, every time there is an election in more undeveloped countries, there is also a lot of heat.  Sometimes things are not super clear or clean, and when passions and opinions are high, the result is often very...exciting.  Sunday is election Sunday, and all week there has been tons of extra campaigning (there are 70 candidates for president, and lots more for local government), and lots of extra tension.
Today, tomorrow and Saturday have been declared official "campaign days", and then Sunday it has been publicized that NO vehicles are to be on the roads...and of course our dear visitors are supposed to leave on Sunday and can't very well walk the 20 miles to the airport.  Matt is on his way to the police station now to try to get special permission.  Please be praying for a good election (we don't rank high on that "most corrupt countries" scale for nothing), for safety for everyone voting and traveling and running (it doesn't take much when tensions are high), and for Christ to be glorified in the process and the outcome.  We'll all be very glad when the election process is complete!  Pray for Haiti!

--this is my favorite bush, and it's turning fall :)

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