08 August 2015

it's here!

And suddenly August 9th is. tomorrow.

Incredibly hard to believe.  Everything--we think--is ready, and a very long day ahead is planned out, packed for and prepared.  We met Uncle Don, Aunt Brenda, Galen, Linda and Junior for dinner.  

Sofie took about 100 pictures on my phone, but I loved these...
The girls were overjoyed to be with Uncle June again.  Overjoyed.  And asking for home.
Don and Brenda saw their baby girl off on her honeymoon...it's a big ole weekend for them, too.
Galen, the president of our EBS board, flew in from Kansas with Linda, and the rest of the board fly in tomorrow.

And so tonight?

I trust.  I'm not trusting that everything is going to go off without a hitch.  

But I trust that God will give me all that I need for tomorrow, which tonight?  Feels like a lot.  I trust that He will do what only He does...not even knowing what that will look like.  I trust that He is in control, that He will provide, that He will be strongly present, and that He will be glorified by the hearts of the many preaching and serving and sharing and worshipping tomorrow, together, in so many ways.

THANK YOU, so many of you, for your cherished help and prayers.

Beautiful things, tomorrow.

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