10 August 2015


I am too drop-dead weary to share much, and still too excited about tonight to not share anything.

If you weren't there, I wish you had been, truly.  If you were there, I'm so incredibly grateful for the chance to have worshipped with you and met so many of you and to have been surrounded by such family.

I'll share lots tomorrow, but for now...

Pretty surreal that the four of ours, "wouldn't it be cool to do a benefit concert?" dream over breakfast before Christmas last year HAPPENED tonight.

It was a lot of work and frankly, a little crazy that I was there.  But it was a sacred night, and I was SO incredibly blessed just to stand in the back with a tiny baby girl and watch my children dance and listen to my husband share and watch my family worship and listen to Sidewalk Prophets bring it home!

And one for Dodo and Bubba, who drove NINE HOURS to be with us tonight!

the whole story...tomorrow

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