08 August 2015

we like to move it, move it.

I can't imagine such a long road-trip with a 6,4,1 and 5-day-old going any better.  I'm not saying there was no screaming.  But it wasn't Lisa or I :)  So, success!  

There was also an awful lot of giggling and fun, dance parties and special stops, and after leaving at 8:30 am, we arrived in Philly at 10 pm.
The highlight was spending three or four hours with great-grandma in the middle.  
While I'm pretty sure Grandma's apartment wasn't made for this much small fun, it was probably the most amusing afternoon she's had in a long time, and it was wonderful just to spend time with her, altogether, and to watch our kiddos interact.

Nora quite loved staring Grandma down and showing her her toes.
Evie's favorite thing is "kiss the baby".  
I can't remember the last time Lisa and were able to be with Grandma together.  Grateful.

So thankful we safely arrived, thankful that Sami and Casey are happily married after just a gorgeous and special night, so thankful Matt was able to be there and officiate, so thankful to be back with Matt, and thankful for a car-free day today, getting final touches ready for tomorrow and enjoying a last few days with Lisa, Adam and Evie.

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