21 July 2015

as we wait

We got home from New Bedford Sunday evening and Lisa and Evie pulled in about the same time.  Today Matt had the privilege of attending part of the Hollow Rock Camp Meeting (and meeting up with lots of good friends there) and the girls and I all headed to the zoo!  
Such a fun day with the girls, watching them enjoy cousin time and a really great zoo and enjoying being with them.

They love each other dearly, and I feel so blessed for Nora Joy over her sisters.  They love her dearly already.  

Sofie continues to adore merry-go-rounds...something I never thought I'd be doing with her at 39 weeks pregnant :)

I am trying to remember that Nora will join us when Nora does.  
He'll have us back in Haiti when He will, as He will, 
He'll provide for us and for EBS as He will
and between now and then, and then and then...
as we wait
I trust Him.

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