19 July 2015

good family.

Ah, what an awesome weekend.  Seriously feeling so incredibly blessed to have such dear and unmerited family in our life as we do in Beaver and New Bedford.  I took WAY less pictures than I should have, but aside from Lily having this massive allergic reaction to some kind of a caterpillar the entire weekend, it was fabulous.
Awesome family, met some great new friends, great food and two great services this morning!
Matty preached about Forming, Filling and being Poured Out...
...and Aunt Lori got to color 11 pictures of monkeys :)
Our time in Kansas, dinner with family friends a few nights ago, the email I shared with you a few days ago and then this weekend with friends old and new reminded me so much how we were MADE for community, and how great a blessing, encouragement, and inspiring-towards-Christ force Christian community can and should be.  Lifting each other up, praying together, helping each other in practical ways, loving each other well, working through things together, confronting in love, sharing what He's sharing with us...all of it...it's how it's supposed to be.  

Very thankful.  
Praying it for each of you.   
Wanting to BE it better.

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  1. What an amazing 24 hours we had with your family. Our church family was thrilled to see you all and listen to Matt preach. We all just love what the four (soon to be five) of you are...you are all about Jesus and that swells our hearts! Love you all and I am already counting down the days until next year.