22 July 2015

Alive and Well.

When we were having dinner with old and new friends in Beaver, PA this past weekend, Shelly asked Matt if he would please share his testimony again of preaching Junior's father's funeral 2 years ago in Haiti.  As Matt shared, there were so many GOD-things that I had forgotten from the story, as powerful today as it was then.  After he shared, all I wanted to do was share it again with you.

You may not have 45 minutes right now, but if you need encouragement today, if you need reminded today, if you are in need of some HOPE or if you need reassurance that our God is alive and well, living and active and POWERFUL in the world today...this is for you.

(While he shared this story lots of places, this video comes from Seeds of Greatness, the same church where our big upcoming Night with Emmaus : Hearts on Fire will be!)

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  1. Oh thank you, thank you for sharing in our home and thank you for posting again. I will make sure all the others know it is on here. Love you! By the way, remember we told you once you got to Columbus it was ok for you to go and have that baby, just reminding you :)