14 May 2015

I am with you.

I know I say this every time Matt leaves for more than 3 or 4 days, but, again.  Single-parenting-for-whatever-the-reason people, I want to rub your feet, shower you with encouragement, and have you over for dinner.  Seriously, please. come. over. for. dinner.  I am endlessly impressed by you.  And lonely.

Days with your kiddos are full of so many joys, yes.  Sofie continually calling my childhood "wagon" her "dragon" because she's never had one before and can't remember what it's called.  Doing household projects.   Watching Lily thoroughly mesmerized as we study ancient Egypt, watching the two of them play for hours on end in the backyard, playing castle and water balloons and ancient mummification reenactments.
But by five, you are READY for another big person to join you!  For a five minute shower without knocking on the door, a conversation with an adult perspective reply, for someone who appreciates the food you cook instead of asking, "how many bites do I have to take before I can go play!" By the time the kids are down?  You are ready for companionship ...not to be alone, working on all the stuff you were unable to get done with math battles, water ballons and extreme kid help.
Like mailing posters.  And eating ice cream.

At any rate : I salute you.  And I am with you. 

Except that that's about all I can stand, and have decided to load up the van and head for the east coast tomorrow where my sister, bro-in-law, and cutie-patootie niece are, and where Uncle Don and Aunt Brenda are only an hour away.  Yes, Lisa and Adam both work full time, but it will give us great time with Evie Sue and non-single-parenting evenings!

Talking to Matt tonight, he'd finished a great day of meeting with various members of our EBS family staff, enjoyed Taco Thursday (moved it just so he could make it!) with our fabulous team, just finished playing rounds of King of Tokoyo and Bang, and was now hanging out with Rick and Carol at our house, upon realizing he'd just walked by a huge tarantula on our (inside) wall.  

You know I'm homesick for community when listening to the three of them try to kill the hairy monster, in my home nonetheless, squealing and laughing, had me thinking nothing but, "I want to be there SO BAD."

Tomorrow is the big day: graduation!  We have 12 fabulous men and women graduating, and I am just so proud of all of the work and ministry these guys have done and are doing.  I hate missing this!!  For those of you who support a student or who know some of our EBS family...here they are!  I'll have some great pictures tomorrow!!  

Please be praying for them as they continue on persevering for the brilliant Gospel in such a continually dark land.






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