16 May 2015


Friday was a very long day of travel, but sweetly interrupted in the middle with a good visit with Grandma.  We lost my mom's Dad this past year while we were in Haiti, and this was the first time we've been with Grandma since losing Grandpa.  Even the girls ran to their apartment and headed for his chair, saddened to remember that he was not there.

I am very thankful for his life, and thankful for Grandma and the joy of watching Lily and Sofie together and catching up a bit.

After a few hours we got back on the road and arrived in Philly just before midnight.   I was far better able to pull off such shenanigans pre-3rd trimester...and today I was just exhausted!
Which was ok, because the girls were thrilled to be with Uncle Adam and Aunt Lisa :)  Evie-dear is such a doll and warming up quick!  Lisa and Adam go back to work Monday, so she has one more day to warm up to us before she's all ours!  Such a cutie :)
Meanwhile, Matt had just such a fantastic few days in Haiti.  Restful, which was something he NEVER expected, meaningful, great meetings, great time with many friends, a great graduation service (pictures coming), good chances to catch up with many, great community time, even great sleep and great weather.  You can read his commencement address (in English :) here! I'm so thankful for our dear community there caring for him, and for the way he was blessed by the Lord and His people these past few days.

This afternoon he flew from Haiti to Miami, and now is on an all night flight with lots of time changes for England.  He'll have tomorrow to try to get his bearings, and then get to doctoral work starting Monday.  

We are all missing him terribly, and not only because I can't figure out how to get anything working in his absence (imagine blond + pregnancy brain + 2 small children + no Matt.  It's bad.)  I haven't had to charge anything since this time last year, so everything is dead, chargers are missing, I can't get the phone to do ANY of all the crazy stuff it will do for Matt, including making basic phone calls, I showed up at a toll booth last night with a $34 dollar toll and only $9 US (but, 47 USD equivalent in Haitian gourdes, which toll-booth dude was not impressed by), I don't know WHAT kind of coffee to order at Starbucks when I'm exhausted and driving, because MATT does all that.  It's pretty pathetic.

How we're going to make it around inner city Philly for a few weeks with three little ones in tow and I, heaven knows.  

So sad that I can barter in another language for a live chicken in a packed out market with 2 small children, and cook that thing for 16 people nonetheless, and yet normal activities in America...like a Red Box machine or pumping gas by myself or working the slushy machine (we're still REALLY sorry about that, Meijer Canal Winchester) totally overwhelm me.  

Despite all the practical reasons we miss Matt, I miss most my dear friend and the girls miss their beloved Daddy!  So thankful God is with him, and holding us close, too.

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