13 May 2015

wrapped up

And SO the long month begins!  Matt is off for Haiti and will be there by this afternoon, in time for the fourth year celebration banquet tonight.  He goes bearing notes and pictures from the girls for all kinds of friends, and preparing himself for the heat!  (Yes, somehow it is only 40 degrees right now in Ohio :)

We had lots of tears yesterday when the girls realized he was going to be home in Haiti for a few days and that they couldn't go, too...then lots of tears this morning when they realized he was going to be gone for several weeks.

The Mother's Day message from Saturday night poured over Proverbs 31, and the conviction that stood out to me the most (besides making all of my family's own cloth...which is just never going to happen) was that the godly woman's shawl is prayer.  She's wrapped in it...it goes with her everywhere...it is always on her head, on her shoulders...a covering for her children and her husband, her family and her friends.

So, as I search for a focus this rather odd-season month of my life... as I mommy, as I teach, as I grow new life, as I travel and work to love on others...it is prayer.

To be wrapped in it, and to wrap you in it.

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