30 May 2015


Our time in Philly is drawing to a close, and more than anything, we have greatly appreciated getting to know and love on little Evie.  The hardest thing about Haiti is always just missing making memories with loved ones, which is especially hard with the little ones who you can't talk to or Skype or email and when you have little ones who can't either.  There were no kiddos when we moved to Haiti, but now with 3 nieces and a nephew, we MISS this!
We've found all kinds of ways to stay busy...making puppets...

...Sofie has been trying to tame every squirrel in Philadelphia (having no squirrels in Haiti, the girls continue to be utterly thrilled by their existence and boldness!)
...and hanging out at Uncle Don and Aunt Brenda's...
...which we adore!
Today we headed to the Philly Zoo to celebrate this little girlie somehow turning FOUR next week!

Evie was describing something really interesting here :)

Grateful for this time with Lee and Adam and Evie!!!

Tomorrow we Sabbath together and then Monday morning, head back to Ohio for doctors appointments and to get ready for Matt's return on the 10th.  He has been having such a productive time, uninterrupted and focused and getting so much done...so thankful.  But we MISS him!!

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