29 May 2015

Seven things I now know before I have my third child...

Every time I find a "Things I wish I'd known before I..." article, it is already too late.  Already left home...got married...moved overseas...became a mom.  So I never read them because, hey.  Wishing I'd known isn't super helpful today.

So when I found this frank and thoughtful "Seven Things I Wish I'd Known Before I had My Third Child" article, I dove right in, because I WANT to know what I wish I'd known before I wish I'd known it, right?

I shoulda waited until Matt got back to remind myself that WE are in this together...because a lot of things on this list are things I know are coming, but have been refusing to accept...like...number 1.  And nobody is excited about more mom guilt.  

But what we've always known is that we wouldn't be sorry (because frankly, if we've never once been sorry with our incredibly lovely Sofia Lovely, we couldn't possibly ever be sorry), and that baby number three will be a precious gift! 

So, read on over to here if you'd like (I'm not able to post the article on our blog by the author's wishes, only the link), and if you have three or more kids, PLEASE TELL ME NOW what you wish you'd known before you did :)
This is an example of one of 126 photos I find on my phone each day.

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