01 June 2015


We are safely back in Ohio after 8 hours on the road today and only (this HAS to be some kind of a world record with a pregnant lady, 3 and 6 year old) stopped ONCE for 20 minutes for fuel and pretzels.  My girlies must be growing up because usually road trips consist of at least 8 bathroom breaks :)  So thankful to have been in Philly, thankful to be back in Ohio safely...and not so thankful to be back to quiet evenings alone!  I miss you, Lee and Adam!  Matt, you can come back now!
Tomorrow is my 32 week appointment, but I love the look on Lily's face here :)  For a third baby, I'm just thankful we came out with a 16 and 31 week picture!  For all of you asking I'm feeling good and big and old...thank you for your continued prayers as we wait for Nora to join us!  Our dear friends in Haiti continue to insist that only God knows the sex of this baby, and they are just sure He is going to bless us with a boy who can provide for us when we are old.  So...we'll see :)
Meanwhile, Sofie celebrated turning four (on June 4) a few days early so we could party with Lisa, Adam and Evie.

She also invented what she calls the solution to baby Evie's diapers.  We'll have to keep that chip clip for Nora :)
Evie is as serious about her ice cream as her Aunt is...she hardly came up for air on this popsicle, and last night snuggled me all evening on the couch for my Rita's :)  Love her.

This year Sofie wanted a Hello Kitty cake, which Lisa decided was far easier than most of the other cakes these girls have requested!  (Technically, Sofie wanted a Hello-Kitty-Being-Held-By-Elsa-Sitting-On-Olaf's-Lap cake...but.  We worked it down to Hello Kitty.)

 And, like her 1st, 2nd, and 3rd birthdays (and Christmases, for that matter) Sofie wanted ONE and only one thing.  Yet. Another. Baby.  This girl LOVES babies.  Does make it easy...

She was SO SO SO thrilled, announcing loudly to everyone, "I KNEW my Daddy was going to get me a baby doll!  It is ZACTLY what I wanted!" though her Daddy be a thousand miles away :)  She is Daddy's girl through-and-through.  

Can hardly believe she's about to be 4.

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  1. Ah, this post! Every photo, every paragraph makes me MISS YOU ALL!