17 May 2015

Happy Birthday!

I cannot remember the last time I was able to celebrate my little sister's birthday WITH my little sister! It has been a good many years, and I was so blessed by the opportunity today.  
She is a dear friend, a loving and fun aunt and a sacrificial sister...who despite the huge distance apart our lives are lived, has bent over backwards to make sure that life's sweetest and hardest moments have been together...even toting her 2 month old to Haiti, giving up vacations to come to my side when we desperately needed help, helped deliver both girls, and goes beyond reason to be a good and faithful sister-friend.
We had so much fun today in Philly with her!!
This was somehow Evie's first ride on the train...which obviously thrilled her to no end :)
She is what makes me so thrilled for Sofie and Lily and Nora to have sisters.

Thankful for a wonderful service this morning and Sabbath all day!!

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  1. Stacey, you look amazing. Pregnancy looks fabulous on you, although it may not *feel* that way :) Happy birthday, Lisa!