27 February 2015


Everyday is exciting when you have a 3 and 6 year old.  Especially when one of them is alternately a cat, a baby, a babysitter, a queen or super-girl at all times.
Sofie loves so deeply...loves school, loves her friends, loves her animals, loves homeschool, loves playing board games, loves Lily, loves to run, loves Ethan and Haylie, LOVES her Daddy (and wants to name the baby "Daddy" so that she can "have two Daddys").

She is so quick to anger and SO quick to forgive, so quick to laugh and so quick to bust out in wails.
And she is obsessed with her new kittens.
Yes, again.
One of the members of the team is a vet, so he came to spay and neuter all the animals.  The same morning he was operating on our 5 month old kitten, her mama was giving birth to three more.  Despite all our talks with Callie a few months ago about a vet coming :)  Nonetheless, the girls are over the moon to have more kitties around, and as always, they are all already claimed.  

The team this week has been such a blessing, working so hard in the men's dorm (check out these photos!), helping with meals, painting, vaccinating animals, sewing, getting to know our students, etc.   A gift.  

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